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Naturally the main reason for installing an alarm system is the
protection it gives to your family and home. Of course there are many
things that contribute to your family’s safety, but no matter what other
security measures you have, an alarm can only increase your protection.
. .
Why Have A Burglar Alarm?

These criminals often pretend to be persons in authority.
They may even be wearing a uniform, perhaps pretending to be from a
utility company, a medical service or even a police officer. . .
Distraction Burglary

He looks out for houses with mail or newspapers have been left to
pile up or other signs that the family may be away on vacation. He may
do $2000 worth of damage to steal $200 worth of your items, he may sell
these items for just $20, or less, he doesn’t care. All he care about is
getting his fix. . .
Opportunist Burglar

Summer is vacation time, the great get-away. And that means more
opportunity for the burglar. Before you leave for the big trip arrange
with a neighbor that you trust to keep your lawns cut and your garden
tidy. Ask you neighbor to pick up . . .
The Summer Burglar – When the sun is out so is he.

Does your fear of burglars control how you live your life? Or do your concerns encourage you to improve the security of your home and family? Find out more. . . Overcoming The Fear Of Burglars

It could be said that no price is too high when it comes to the
security of your home. But the reality is there are sometimes occasions
when we simply cannot immediately afford the things that we want, or
even need. Fortunately there are . . .
Affordable Home Security.

When comparing home security systems whether wireless or hardwired, always compare like for like. Do the systems all give the same protection. Buying a Home security System.

Would security warning stickers actually deter someone from
trying to break in? The novice or casual housebreaker, the junkie
looking to steal something to fund his next fix, might be persuaded to
leave your home alone if you are displaying home security stickers. The
more experienced . . .
Home Security Stickers

. . . on your drive and to periodically move it to give the
impression that it is being used, that activity is taking place in your
home. Ask your friend to keep your grass cut and your yard in ship
shape condition. A neglected garden will be a big clue to a burglar that
there has not been anyone at home for a few days, especially if
neighbors gardens are well cared for. Don’t forget that it does not take
long for . . .
Vacation Security : Home security while you are on vacation.

These devices are pitch perfect for those times when your home is
empty for a number of evenings at a stretch, when you are on vacation
for instance. When set up these switches will operate at various times
on different days. If a thief is keeping watch on your home and he sees
lights come and go off at the exact same times each evening, it is going
to . . . – Light Timers Help To Make That Burglar Unsure.

. . . that would be a double whammy wouldn’t it – to pay for an alarm
system to be installed and then get burgled anyway. After all you do
hear stories about folks who thought they were free of the worry of
burglary because they had an intruder alarm system, and a thief hits
their home anyway. It does happen. . .
Intruder Alarm System -Will It Work?

If faced with a high security padlock that he doesn’t know how to
overcome, the burglar has two options. He can find another way into
your shed – – or give up and look for someplace else to burglarize. . . High Security Padlock

It is a paint that never dries. It remains both sticky and
greasy, and that means it is very hard (read virtually impossible) to
get a grip on anything coated with it. An intruder will not be able to
pull himself up, or get leverage with his feet, on a . . .
Anti-Burglar Paint.

. . . as a warning if your young child gets up in the night and
wanders out of his or her bedroom. For that matter it can be used to
alert you if they stray out of any room, day or night, that you need
them . . .
12 Ways That Motion Detectors Can Be Used.

Monitored Home Security will give you a high level of security
twenty four seven, saving you from burglary and many other kinds of
emergency that may come about. But what exactly does this kind of
security entail?
Monitored Home Security – The Benefits and the Downside.

Each year insurance companies receive thousands of claims for
loss from gardens; this shows how worthwhile garden theft is for felons.
Don’t be part of the statistics, protect your garden. . .
Garden Theft.

Everything that you do to make your home unattractive to burglars
reduces the chances they will choose your property as a target. A
burglar will take many things into account when deciding whether a home
will make a good target. Paying good attention to . . . Yard Security

Although an alarm system might be described as an “insurance approved ” or similar description, you have to see if your particular insurance company accepts that model.
If they do, also make sure to ask what . . . Insurance Approved Burglar Alarms.

In fact after a burglary it is possible you will receive the
attention of a burglar again, probably the same burglar! You see
burglars figure that you will likely replace the items that they have
stolen and they would like the replacements too. They already know the
layout of your home, know the times that you are likely to be out of
your home and know the . . .
After a Burglary.

A family watch dog need not be a large fearsome dog. Medium and
small dogs are very capable of being trained to warn of approaching
strangers, and warn off intruders. Criminals are discouraged by the
presence of smaller dogs just as much as they are by larger dogs. They
do not want . . .
Family Watch Dog.

“Why did I get burgled? Why did the burglar pick my home, why not
somebody else’s? After all, I work hard, I pay my taxes and I’m honest
Joe citizen. Why did that no good thief have to pick my home?”
Why Did I Get Burgled? – Why Did the Burglar Pick My Home?

Become a busy body, with a little practice you can be a nosy old
goat like me. Think about what is suspicious behavior and if you are
unhappy or uneasy about something report the suspicious persons. You
will feel a lot better knowing that you may have saved yourself, or some
other innocent citizen, from becoming a victim.
Don’t Ignore Suspicious Persons.(Be a nosy old goat.)

So you started to hide a key. No not under the doormat, you realized
that would be an obvious place, you hid the key where you thought a
thief would never look. Wrong. The thief will look there. Maybe you have
got away with it so far, but the criminal will find your hiding place,
maybe not today maybe not tomorrow, but . . .
The Burglar Will Find Those Hidden Keys.

You don’t know how many copies of the keys the previous owner or
owners, (homes get bought and sold many times,) have had made. Where are
those keys now? Keys get lost, misplaced and stolen, sometimes they
fall into the wrong hands. . .
Copied Key

If moving on is not possible for the foreseeable future you may
think that you just have to put up with things the way they are. Wrong,
you don’t have to. You can bring about change to your bad neighborhood.
You may not succeed in making a silk purse out of a sows ear, but you
can do a heck of a lot to get your locality improved.
A Safe Neighborhood

The crack was the sound of the screws ripping out of the
doorframe as my uncle applied his shoulder to the door. Not a man to put
too much thought to how he may solve his problem, such as walking round
the back and trying the kitchen door, he simply busted his way in and
the security door chain, as thick and solid as it was, did nothing to
stop him.
Uncle Alfred and the Security Door Chain.

Go outside now and take note of all the expensive items that you
can easily see through your windows. How about your TV set, can you see
that? DVD player, stereo system, antiques, PC, electronic games, can
you see any of those things or other items that a burglar can easily
carry away . . .
Leaving it on Show for the Burglar.

homeowners find this type of alarm gives them the peace of mind that
they would know if, for example, someone was breaking in through a
window at the rear of the house when the homeowner was. . . House Alarm.

Of what importance is the way that your home is identified by its
street numbers? Does it make a difference, from a home security point of
view, if your house has lighted house numbers that can be read from a
distance even in the dark?
Lighted House Numbers

Intruder alarms are intended to aid in the defense and protection
of your property. However alarms triggered when there is no real
emergency are an extensive problem. Every year thousands of man-hours
are wasted by police, and other emergency services, by responding to
alarms where there is not an emergency situation on the premises. Don’t
be part of the problem . . . False Alarms

Window locks, even good secure windows locks, are by no means
expensive and are a security measure that no home should be without.
Window Locks : Secure Your Windows.

I’m glad to say that my sister had more sense and savvy than most
of her neighbors did. That little community seemed to pride itself on
the fact that most of them left the doors to their homes open, yes even
sometimes when they left their homes to make a visit or go to the store.
. .
They Never Locked Their Doors (but they do now!)

Just by following these simple tips you can significantly improve the security of your home. . . Burglary Prevention Tips (Part One.)

Burglary Prevention Tips (Part Two.)

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