Don’t Hide Your Keys. Hidden keys will be found.

Don’t Hide Your Keys.

The Burglar Will Find Those Hidden Keys.

you are not a careless person, nobody could accuse you of being that.
But there was that one time you did lose your keys.

You arrived at your front door and
found that you hadn’t the means to enter.

Of course it had to happen when there was nobody at home.

That was one frustrating experience that you don’t want a repetition of.

So you started to hide a key.

No not under the doormat, you realized
that would be an obvious place, you hid the key where you thought a
thief would never look.

Wrong. The thief will look there.

you have got away with it so far, but the criminal will find your
hiding place, maybe not today maybe not tomorrow, but . . .

Yes, wherever you think to hide your keys the thief will think to look. In fact he has a sixth sense about such things.

your house key under or in a plant pot, yes he will look there, on top
of the door frame, he will check that out.

Under a rock, in the mailbox,
under that ornamental garden sculpture, in that hanging flower basket
the burglar will think to try all those places.

No, That’s Not A Good Hiding Place . . .

How about those commercially available fake objects specially designed for hiding keys?

bet is to forget about fake rocks, fake garden sprinkler heads and the
like. Trouble with them is that your fake rock is likely to be pretty
much the same as every other fake rock, when the burglar sees it he will
recognize it for what it is straight away.

So just where do
you keep a spare house key that will get you out of a jam should you
lose your keys or leave them back at the office?

The best place to hide your keys is inside somebody else’s house. This absolutely has to be somebody you trust absolutely of course, and you have to trust everyone in his or her household too.

garden rock
Under a rock, whether real or fake, is not a good place to hide your door keys. The burglar has seen it all before.
 garden rock
Under a rock, whether real or fake, is not a good place to hide your door keys. The burglar has seen it all before.

A near neighbor is perfect if they fit the bill.

But it does not have to be the neighbor that lives right next door, a
walk for a block or two is far better than calling out a locksmith or
attempting to break into your own house.

Whoever you hide your key with, make sure that the key is not
identified with an address tag.

Should your key-keeping friend suffer a
burglary and your house keys are identifiable in any way then your home
will also be at risk.

One tiny snag with leaving a spare key with a neighbor. The one time that you arrive home without your key . . . and your neighbor is out! Rats. What are you going to do then?

Well, you could hide your spare key on your neighbor’s property. Yes, it could be found by a burglar, even if you hide it well, but he would naturally assume it is your neighbor’s key.

Here is another option to consider A Key Safe Could Be Your Answer To Lost Keys.

Should you lose your house key then you will want to change your locks or have them re-keyed.

You do not want the risk of a key that opens your home being in the hands of a burglar.

  • Don’t hide a spare key, the burglar will find it.
  • Leave a spare key with someone that you can trust.
  • Make sure that you never have anything on, or attached to, your keys that would identify them.
  • If your house keys go missing change your locks or have them re-keyed.


Don’t Hide Your Keys.

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