The Summer Burglar – Burglary when the sun comes out.

The Summer Burglar – When the sun is out so is he.

There is no doubt that the long lazy days of summer perk us all up and
put a smile on our faces.

No doubt either that the summer burglar is also
perked up by the warmer months because it is then that many homeowners make
things so easy for him.

The summer warmth means that it is time to open up the windows and
let the breeze blow through the house.

After all you are at home so what
risk is there in opening up a window or two?

Unfortunately many a
homeowner has suddenly made the decision to take advantage of the
weather to go out back and attend to a spell of gardening.

While they are engrossed in getting the yard licked into shape they forget
that the windows at the front of the house are wide open.

Along comes Mr. Opportunist Burglar.

It does not take him long to size up the situation and see his

He may not even need to climb in through the window, he
sees a couple of your items that are close, reaches in and takes them.

The thief is not particularly looking for a rich haul, just something he can sell on to a fence to get him his fix for the day.

the summer burglar does climb into your home and rummage through your
stuff, you will be unlikely to hear him; you are preoccupied with
tending to your gladioli and hollyhocks.

A Summer Burglar Will Take Advantage Of Open Windows.

Worse than leaving windows open and working in the back yard is making a trip to the store and leaving open windows.

You are not safe by leaving upstairs windows open.

Some burglars are very agile and it is no problem for them to climb on top of your garage, take your ladder from out of your shed, or find some way to get in the window.

summer meadow
summer meadow

We all love summer. So too does the thief because we make things so easy for him.

have also been known to climb in the open window of one room while the
family sat in front of the TV in another room, no doubt with the sound
turned up just that little bit too loud.

Consider fitting window Alarm Screens.
That way you can enjoy air blowing through your home and still enjoy a
good degree of burglary protection. (You should not leave your home with
the windows open even with alarm screens.)

Theft from Gardens increases
during summer months. This is not surprising as we forget to secure
things away after we have used them. Locking gardening equipment in your
shed when you finish will help keep the thief out of your garden.

The Summer Trip.

is vacation time, the great get-away. And that means more opportunity
for the burglar. Before you leave for the big trip arrange with a
neighbor that you trust to keep your lawns cut and your garden tidy.



you neighbor to pick up your mail and any flyers left in your porch,
perhaps your neighbor can park his or her car in your drive for part of
the day. The idea is to make your home appear occupied.

Timer Switches are not expensive and can be set to make a good job of
switching on and off lights, TV sets and radios in a pattern that
simulates the activities of a family at home.

Exterior lights should
also be controlled by a timer or Motion Sensor. Test and activate your Alarm System before you head off and have your home phone divert to your cell phone.

The longer summer days, in some neighborhoods, mean an increase of gangs and groups of teenagers hanging around street corners.


of these youngsters mean no harm but sometimes can get a little rowdy.
For others the longer days mean increased vandalism and petty crime.

much you can do on your own, but by being an active member of your
neighborhood watch you help prevent things getting out of hand.

the summer, it is over much too soon, just take simple precautions to
prevent the summer burglar from enjoying his summer too much.


Summer Burglar.

Home Security Checklist. 

it is not possible to make your home impenetrable, if you attend to all
the items on this home security checklist your home will be less likely
to be burgled.