Home Security Stickers. Do security signs work?

Home Security Stickers.

Are home security stickers an effective visual deterrent?

of the most effective ways of protecting your home is by using visual
deterrents that convince burglars that they might have a very hard time
breaking in.

An externally mounted CCTV camera or an alarm bell/siren box would be a
good visual deterrent.

Home security decals may, in certain
circumstances, also be good visual deterrents.

There are two types of homeowners that will use security stickers or
decals. Homeowners that actually have a home security system and
homeowners that don’t.

Why would a home that is protected by a security system need stickers or signs that announce that it is protected?

The homeowner may feel that he or she would rather not have a prospective housebreaker even make an attempt
to break in.

The home may have window sensors that trigger an alarm if a
window is forced, but if the burglar doesn’t know that he may cause damage to your property before the alarm sounds.

home security stickers can deter a burglar from even attempting to
break into your property then they may be considered a worthwhile

But would security warning stickers actually deter someone from trying to break in?

may. The novice or casual housebreaker, the junkie looking to steal
something to fund his next fix, might be persuaded to leave your home
alone if you are displaying home security stickers.

The more experienced
burglar would likely look for other signs that you have a security
system, the stickers alone would be unlikely to discourage him.

What about Home Security Stickers for Homes That Don’t Have a Security System?

Security stickers are often used on rented property.

The landlord did
not install any security protection and the renter does not want to
spend out for alarms, sensors and cameras for a house, or apartment,
that is not, and will never be his. So the tenant applies a few warning
decals in the hope of a little peace of mind.


The novice or casual housebreaker might be persuaded to leave your home alone if you are displaying security decals or signs.

country house
The novice or casual housebreaker might be persuaded to leave your home alone if you are displaying security decals or signs.

A better alternative if you are a tenant would be installing a Wireless Home Security System,
then when you are ready to make the move to owning your own property
the system goes with you.

Also, with wireless security, there would not
be any (or very little) drilling of holes to run cables, which the
landlord may not permit.

What if you do own your home and you do not have an alarm system or any home security?

Perhaps you feel that home security is beyond your financial reach, (you
should check this out because the cost of protecting your home from
intruders has fallen over recent years.)

Or maybe you feel that the
technology would defeat you, again check out the latest systems they are
very easy for the average homeowner to master.

Whatever the reason is that your home does not have any security protection, should you display home security stickers and signs?

is difficult to imagine a situation in which home security stickers are
a bad idea, where they would actually increase your chances of being
burgled. But as mentioned above a burglar with experience is not likely
to be fooled by security warning signs or stickers, but if an ounce of
doubt can be sown in the mind of a casual burglar . . .

. . . then he is likely to leave your dwelling alone and look elsewhere.

Does your home look like it is likely to be protected by a security
system? If so, home security warning stickers and signs are more likely
to be affective.

If it is obvious that you spend a little time in caring
for your home and are concerned about its upkeep, then it will give the
impression that you quite possibly have installed some security protection.

If on the other hand, your home looks run down, the windows and doors
are in need of basic maintenance, shrubs and bushes have become
overgrown (providing cover for housebreakers,) then security stickers
are likely to send out the wrong message.

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Security decals on such a property are likely to give the message “The
owner of this place has just slapped up some cheap stickers to try and
fool folks that he has security installed, lousy trick!”

Beware of the Dog signs are perhaps the oldest home security stickers
of them all.

The sign may show an illustration of a fearsome German
Shepherd or a Bulldog, the homeowner may have a small friendly lapdog or
even no dog at all.

Mr. Burglar sees the dog, or hears its bark or
blood-churning growl, no doubt in Mr. Burglar’s mind that he’d best
leave that home alone.

Mr. Burglar doesn’t see or hear any dog, but
there are signs warning that there is one. Seed of doubt sown, does he take a chance or not?

To sum up – home security stickers or signs used by themselves do not
offer anywhere near the protection you need to defend your home against
intrusion. They may offer some value in deterring the inexperienced
burglar, but are best used when you do actually have a security system
guarding your home.


n> Home Security Signs and Stickers.

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