Window Locks : Secure Your Windows.

Window Locks, A Security Measure No Home Should Be Without.

“Why should I bother to fit window locks when my windows are covered by my alarm system?”

A home alarm system is recommended of course and is a great way to protect all the entry points into your home including your windows.

But there is a lot of sense in backing up that alarm system with quality locks.

You would not want less than quality locks on your doors and neither should you have any thing less protecting your windows.

matter how careful you and your family are about not leaving your home
without setting the alarm, as sure as eggs one day someone is going to
do just that.

Guess what, that will be the day Mr. Opportunist Burglar
happens along and finds flimsy locks, or simple catches, on your

The result – he’s in your home in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

“But if a burglar can’t force open a window he can just smash it and still get in even if good locks are fitted.”

Windows do get smashed by intruders, but most really try and avoid
doing that.

Folks can recognize the sound of breaking glass and
neighbors are apt to check it out or phone for the police to
investigate. Burglars simply do not like drawing attention to

Glass cuts. Burglars don’t want to risk being cut as the smallest speck of blood can have them identified by their DNA.

open window
open window

Key operated window locks
are the securest method to safeguard your windows.

However you must ensure
that the key is kept somewhere close by (but out of sight of the
burglar,) and all your family members must know precisely where the key
it is located.

In the event of a fire you do not want anyone trapped in a
blazing room and searching for the key.

You may be prevented from installing key operated locks on your windows by local building, or fire, regulations.

windows above ground level need to be secure too.

Burglars can and do
climb up to get in whether by using garage roofs or by using a ladder.

Do not overlook small windows burglars can climb through much smaller
windows than you would think they can.

Child accomplices are sometimes
used to get in small openings and then open the door for the burglar.

Larger widows may need to be fitted with more than one lock. Larger windows have to withstand more strain if forced.

locks, even good secure windows locks, are by no means expensive and
are a security measure no home should be without. If you want to protect
your windows further consider Window Security Film.


Window Security Locks

Patio Door Locks
A patio door is a marvelous thing to have, it can let in much light
and air and make access to your patio so easy. However when it comes to
home security patio doors can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.