10 Best Infrared Flashlight Reviews

Infrared flashlights are designed to emit light through a normal view spectrum. The flashlights look like a typical torch but unless you have the special eyewear.
Infrared light is used mostly for night vision or to detect things that cannot be spotted under a regular light. These lights are usually demanded by police, private detectives or intelligence personnel who need to look for clues and evidence. Here are 10 of the best infrared flashlights you can pick from for an interrogation or a night activity.

1. Evolva Future Technology T20 IR

Evolva Future Technology T20 IR
This infrared torch is a high power illumination source. It has a state of the art rotary illumination system. It has a super bright 850 nm infrared bulb and an extensive 150 meter range. It is perfect for hunters because the aspherical lens comes well equipped with illuminates. It is available in 3 different modes which includes a flood light as well as a tighter spot.

2. Streamlight 88704

Streamlight 88704
The Streamlight TAC is an IPX7 design that comes with a removable pocket clip and the ability to be powered from switches at a distance. This is an investment because it is one of the best infrared torches in the market with a 69100 capacity.

3. Ultrafire Wf-501b

Ultrafire Wf-501b
This handy gadget is comes in a tough aluminium casing. Its encasing makes it shock and water resistant. It works exceptionally well with night vision equipment. The lens available with this product come equipped with is scratch and water resistant lenses. The anodized finish on the device makes it corrosion resistant as well.

4. Celestron 93588 Astro Vision

Celestron 93588 Astro Vision
The Celestron Astro Vision has been specially made for astronomers. The product uses two LED lights which makes it the best available item for vivid infrared vision. The great thing about this is that it comes with a 9 volt battery included. The brightness on the bulbs is also adjustable to ensure you get maximum control.

5. LED Wholesalers 395 nM

LED Wholesalers 395 nM
This infrared flashlight is quite multipurpose. It is great for hunting scorpions and minerals and also great for hotel room inspections to check rodent contamination and other things. It operates at a wavelength of 395 and has 51 bulbs all of which are ultraviolet LED. The tool is great for a well-equipped forensics teams, law enforcement agencies, HVAC repairs and postal workers. The best thing about this is the price the product is available for.

6. LMJ-CN WF-502B

Equipped with a charger and batteries, this is an infrared torch you should be looking at if you need it for a long lasting use. It is also a tough product and is definitely a great option for people who are looking to buy their first infrared torch.

7. Ultrafire G60 UV

Ultrafire G60 UV
This product is made with high grade aluminium and is completely scratch and water resistant. If you want to stay outdoors then this torch is great because the O rings on either side keep it completely water locked. It is used for forensics and to detect money. This torch is amazing for anyone who is looking to invest in one.

8. TaoTronics UV Blacklight Flashlight

TaoTronics UV Blacklight Flashlight
This flashlight is a best seller with uncanny features and practical use. This is especially true if you wish to keep your house and car free from pet contaminants. The torch can detect urine stains on your rugs and sofas which is often a problem. Not only does this product provide vivid and bright output to 395nm wavelength, it is also used for authenticity checks on currency and drivers licenses. The torch is shipped with high grade Duracell batteries making it last a reasonable amount of time.

9. Happiness at Home WF-502B

Happiness at Home WF-502B
This illuminator comes with an LED lifetime guarantee of up to 100,000 hours. The reflector on this torch ensures that you get extreme illumination distance with a tightly focused beam and maximized vision. The device is commonly used with night vision goggles or a night vision camera and is readily available.

10. Backlight UV Flashlight Ultra-Light

Backlight UV Flashlight Ultra-Light
This UV flashlight by Ultra-Light is available for a little and allows you to detect pet urine not just on carpets but also on your furniture ensuring thorough cleaning of the house. . The best thing about it is that it has a backlight as well. The backlight can be used as a fun party trick and is often a big hit at concerts.

Infrared flashlights are definitely something you need to invest in if you ever go hunting or if you have pets at home and are concerned about keeping your house clean. Pick one out for yourself from one of our top ten best ones.