False Alarms – An inappropriate alarm can waste a lot of police time.

False Alarms : No Real Emergency.

Dealing with False Alarms is a Huge Waste of Police Time.

alarms are intended to aid in the defense and protection of your
property. They are a vital part of any home security system.

However alarms triggered when there is no real emergency
are an extensive problem.

Every year thousands of man-hours are wasted
by police, and other emergency services, by responding to alarms where
there is not an emergency situation on the premises.

This time would be far better spent dealing with real burglaries and other emergencies.

in the case of audible alarms, sirens or bells sounding unnecessarily
creates a real nuisance to neighbors.

Too many inappropriate alarms mean
that alarms are ignored by neighbors and the public, much as audible
automobile alarms are.

Because of the serious issue of the waste
of police time and nuisance caused to the community, there are usually
penalties imposed for false alarms, dependent upon where in the world
you live.

As the property owner you can be held responsible for inappropriate
alarm activation. In some places you may be required to obtain a permit
to install a monitored alarm and possibly unmonitored alarms.

Police in
some countries or cities will not attend an alarm call unless there are
eyewitnesses to an intruder being on the property.

police car

On their way to a real emergency or to an alarm activated inappropriately?

In general practice penalties are not imposed for a first occurrence of a nuisance
alarm, but very likely will be imposed for a second offense, increasing in severity for repeated instances.

In some
areas police will refuse to attend after a set number of inappropriate

Home alarm systems are, in general, of much improved quality than they
once were, so false alarms due to faulty or poorly designed equipment
have been reduced.

Shabby installation can still be a problem with DIY
systems but it is now rare for alarm company installed systems. Which
leaves user error as the most likely cause of inappropriate alarm

How to Avoid User Error Setting Off False Alarms.

  • It is vitally important that all users of your home security alarm system
    fully understand how the system works. This means all members of the
    household, including any children that have keys, as well as neighbors,
    baby-sitters, daily help and anyone that has key access.
  • All
    users must be made aware of the correct arming codes and passwords, and
    know the telephone numbers and process for canceling a false alarm.
  • All
    users must understand which doors have been set for delay and which
    have not. When leaving users must ensure all windows and doors are
    closed securely.
  • Make sure that pets are prevented from moving through areas that are protected by motion detectors.
    Take steps to keep detectors free from insects, an insect crawling
    across the lens can set off an alarm. Do not put up holiday decorations
    or banners in areas covered by motion detectors.
  • When
    leaving or entering your home make sure that you have all the keys and
    key fobs that you need for your alarm system – and that you are
    absolutely sure of your system codes.

There is no doubt that dealing with inappropriate alarms is a huge
waste of police time. On the other hand intruder alarms do deter
burglars, some will be deterred by the mere presence of an alarm system
others will abort a burglary when an alarm is set off.

an alarm as part of your home security is good common sense, just ensure
that the same common sense is applied to prevent you, or members of
your household, being responsible for any false alarms.

After a Burglary.
After a burglary it is possible you will receive the attention of a
burglar again, probably the same burglar! You see burglars figure that
you will likely replace the items that they have stolen and they would
like the replacements too.