A Family Watch Dog Can Help Keep Your Family Safe.

Family Watch Dog – Keeping Your Family Safe.

A Trained Family Watch Dog Is A Faithful Pet As Well As An Enhancement To Your Home Security.

You are concerned about the security of your family. You are thinking that a dog could help.

Yes indeed, dogs are faithful and like to protect the family that they live with.

So you concluded that a guard dog will be a good idea, no wait, don’t you really mean a watch dog?

What is a watch dog and what is a guard dog?

Watch dogs bark out a warning each time a stranger approaches your home,
or attempts to break-in your home, or climb into your backyard etc.

Guard dogs do the same but may also go further, they may be trained to attack and restrain intruders.

good family watch dog can be of any size.

A guard dog is usually one of
the larger breeds, perhaps even partly selected for an aggressive

It is a serious responsibility to keep a dog that is trained to attack, and may not be legal to do so in some areas.

trained watch dog, on the other hand, can make a very good family pet.
And as the dog is going to be sharing your home with you and your
family, isn’t that the better option?

A family watch dog need not
be a large fearsome dog. Medium and small dogs are very capable of being
trained to warn of approaching strangers, and warn off intruders.

Criminals are discouraged by the presence of smaller dogs just as much
as they are by larger dogs. They do not want a pesky mutt barking and
attracting attention.

Your Family Watch Dog Knowing To Bark At Strangers Is Not Enough.

Your faithful watch dog needs to know when to stop barking. When you signal that the visitor is a friend, you will want to your dog to be silent.

family watch dog.
family watch dog.
Not large and fearsome, but a good watch dog that is part of the family.

Have you ever been invited to someone’s home as a guest and the family’s
dog barks out a warning about you, not just when you walk up to the
front door, but also after you have been ushered in?

The dog will not
shut up. The owner tells the dog you are a friend but the barking
continues. Your presence is a threat, and the faithful dog keeps on
with his warning bark.

You try to make friends, but the dog backs off
and keeps barking. It’s an embarrassment all round.

What you want is for your watch dog to bark out a warning if a
stranger approaches, or tries to enter, your home. The warning will be
for you and your family if you are at home, or for your neighbors if you
are not. The bark will also in most cases, warn away intending

Also you do not want your family watch dog to
bark each time that somebody innocently walks along the sidewalk in
front of your house. That can become tiresome very quickly for you and
your neighbors.

So how do you get your watch dog to know the
circumstances when you require him to bark, know when you want him to
stop, and know when you don’t want him to bark at all? Enroll yourself and your dog into a good local dog training course. It’s a wise investment.

good dog training course will not only ensure that your dog performs
well as a watch dog, but is also schooled in how to be a good all round
family dog.

Before You Decide On A Family Watch Dog . . .

. . . please think on this.

A dog, whether trained to keep watch or
not, is a living breathing animal. It is not a collection of wires and
components like a Burglar Alarm. A dog wants to give the family love as well as protection, and will need love and attention in return.

dog will also need feeding, he will need care, he will sometimes need
the attention of a veterinarian, and that could mean large bills.