Steel Security Doors : Tough and Good Looking.

Residential Steel Security Doors

Steel security doors, a security enhancement worth considering.

As there are many ways that burglars and home invaders can gain
unwelcome entry into your home, the security and safety of your home and
family is never dependent on one single thing.

front door
Wood, vinyl or steel?
 front door
Wood, vinyl or steel?

External doors are often, however, the point at which intruders
attempt to gain entry.

If you are concerned about the security of the
doors into your home you may wish to consider steel security doors.

Are you thinking that steel doors would look out of place on a residential property?

The fact is steel doors are available in an amazingly wide
variety of finishes – including finishes that look indistinguishable
from wooden and vinyl doors.

Residential steel doors can be supplied in 4,6,8, paneled
designs, retro design, art deco, post modern, in fact almost any design
available in wood is also available in steel.

The doors can also be
custom made to your exact specifications.

These doors can be painted in any color of your choice and are
available with a coating that replicates a wood grained finish. Other
advantages of steel doors are their durability, fire resistance
and resistance to warping and rotting.

There is absolutely no need for your home to look like a
commercial building, or a drug den, for your family to enjoy the
benefits and protection of steel security doors.

Naturally the door frame also needs to be of superior strength to
gain any advantage from a steel door. You lose the benefit of a strong
door if you mount it into a weak frame.

It is also important to remember that it is not only your front
door that needs to be resistant to attack by home invaders.

if you have
rear or side entrances they too need to be as tough and burglar
resistant as your front door.

Of course the locking system needs to be capable of defeating
burglars and home invaders.

Many steel doors are supplied complete with a
lock system, often a multi point lock and these provide very good

Steel doors for the home are usually of ‘hollow’ design. The
interior core will be filled with insulation, usually foam, and the
rails are usually wood.

It is the outer skin which is steel. This means
that the door is extremely tough without being too heavy for practical

The entrances to your home are not the only places that you may want the protection of a security door.

If you have a Safe Room (panic room,)
you will want the door to that room to be able to withstand the
fiercest attacks by intruders to just the same degree as an external

As stated above, the security of your home can never be dependent
on a single security measure, but fitting steel security doors will be a
big step towards preventing home invasion and burglary.


Steel Security Doors.

Garage Door Security
door security is vitally important. Of all your exterior doors your
garage door is likely to be the most vulnerable, the door most likely to
be left unlocked and even left open.