Buying a Home Security System : Comparing systems.

Buying a Home Security System – Making Comparisons

buying a home security system cost will almost certainly be a consideration . . .

However, when comparing one system with
another, it is best not to look only at the price ticket. The main consideration
being whether or not the home security system does the job that you want
it to and does it effectively.

Nobody knows your budget and financial situation like you do but it
would not make sense, when comparing home security systems, to favor a
system merely because it has the lowest price tag.

Home alarm systems are no longer the preserve of the wealthy.

quality systems are today more affordable than they have ever been, so
you should aim to buy a system that gives your family the protection
they deserve.

Buying a Home Security System – Monitored or Not?

Do you want home security that is monitored by the alarm company?

type of alarm works great for families who may be away from home for a good part of the day,
since it can report occurrences ranging from fires in the home to a
possible break in.

Your home or personal property can be saved if the correct help can
arrive quickly, which is made possible by a monitored alarm system.

Your home or personal property can be saved if the correct help can
arrive quickly, which is made possible by a monitored alarm system.

When comparing Monitored Security Systems find
out what you can about the central monitoring station that the system
will connect to. It will need to be in continuous operation.

Is the
station equipped with standby power should they lose their supply?

brick built house

Home alarm systems are no longer the preserve of the very wealthy. Quality systems are more affordable than they have ever been.

Does the central station have a duplicate station sited some distance
away to cover in the event of a major emergency such as an earthquake?

Some security system providers operate their own monitoring
stations and others use third party stations.

However the important
point when buying a monitored security system is whether the station,
third party or not, is capable of monitoring your system in the event of
an emergency.

Another choice is buying a home security system
that is not overseen by a central monitoring station. This means of
course that there is no monthly monitoring fee, this may be a
consideration if your budget is tight.

However unmonitored
systems basically rely upon alarms or sirens and flashing strobe lights
to scare off burglars and attract the attention of neighbors. This
arrangement can work effectively if your neighbors are close and take an

Some unmonitored home security systems will
send alerts, using an Emergency Dialer, to up to nine phone numbers of
your choice.

The alerts can be text or voice messages that warn
the recipient of the emergency situation. The recipient then uses
judgment as whether to call the police or not.

In this way you can have some of the advantages of a monitored system without the monthly fee.

Buying a Home Security System – Hardwired or Wireless

One choice that you are going to have to make is between a hardwired or Wireless System.
The difference between the two is that hardwired security systems need
wires running all over your home and wireless systems don’t, no big
surprise there.

burglar at the window
Wireless or hardwired, monitored or unmonitored, your home security system must keep the burglar out.

If your home is already equipped with wiring for a security system,
perhaps a former owner had a hardwired alarm installed or wiring was
installed during construction, a hardwired system may be easy enough to

Wires do need to be well hidden though to protect them and prevent interference by would be intruders.

the wires means burying them in walls and floors entailing drilling
holes and generally disturbing your home. It is for this reason that
many buyers of home security systems prefer to go wireless.

folks when buying a home security system may be hesitant about going
wireless because they have heard that it is possible for a burglar to
clone security codes. Although it’s possible it is improbable, the
burglar would need specialized decoding apparatus and today’s top
systems are designed to combat decoding.

Compare Like With Like

When comparing home security systems, whether wireless or hardwired monitored or unmonitored always compare like with like.

Do the systems that you are considering buying all do the same job?

Do they all come with the same amount of Motion Detectors, Window and
door sensors, panic buttons and smoke alarms? Usually alarm systems are
packaged with a minimal number of detectors and sensors.

It is
likely that you will need to buy additional items to get the protection
that you need. Wireless systems are usually easy to expand.

Is the system capable of fully protecting your home is the main consideration when buying a home security system.

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