Identity Theft Prevention – Safeguard your ID

Identity Theft Prevention – Protect Your Identity

Master Your Identity Theft Prevention.

can, and should, do all we can to reduce the chances of someone
illegally entering our home and stealing our possessions.

We can ensure
that we are alert to the possibility of getting assaulted or mugged in
public places and do what we can to guard against it.

We can do these things and more. . .

. . .yet still become a victim of crime by having our identity stolen.

the modern world, many criminals find that the crime of assuming
someone else’s identity and emptying their bank account or obtaining
credit in their name is one of the most lucrative crimes of all.

Identity Theft Prevention – Is It Possible?

would be foolish to hope that we can ensure that this sort of crime
never happens to us.

After all most of us have a bank account of some
sort, maybe several of them, we have social security numbers, mortgages,
credit and debit cards, and possibly several store cards.

would truly have to be living in a cave not to be connected to the
modern way of life in some way or another. And if we are there is the
risk, however slight, that we could fall victim to an identity scam.

We are our own best identity theft protection.

Fraud does happen, but by being careful in our daily lives and knowing
the ways the fraudsters attempt to obtain our personal information, we
can go a long way to prevent it happening to us.

Paper That Is Priceless To Identity Thieves.

we accumulate pieces of paper. We receive countless documents through
the mail and bring home bills and receipts from shopping trips.

mail package and contents
Identity Theft Prevention – Identity thieves would love to get their hands on the personal information that arrives in your mail.
 mail package and contents
Identity Theft Prevention – Identity thieves would love to get their hands on the personal information that arrives in your mail.

We can’t
keep everything, that would be ridiculous. So . . .

. . . we toss
away anything we don’t absolutely need to keep.

After all it’s good
housekeeping, we don’t want to fill our homes with junk.

But wait, think
of the information those pieces of paper may contain, information that
is priceless to an identity thief.

Identity fraudsters love to get their hands on documents containing
account numbers, social security numbers and other information – and your garbage can may be just the place to find it.

it part of your identity theft prevention not to throw out any document
that contains information about you, without first shredding it. More
information here – Home Paper Shredding.

though thieves get their hands on sensitive documents before they even
get to you, by stealing your mail right out of your mailbox.

contents of a good deal of your mail is as valuable to criminals as it
would be if the envelopes were stuffed with cash.

Can someone take the
mail right out of your mailbox? Don’t take chances, get yourself a
locking mailbox, or better yet, a High Security Mailbox.

Identity Theft Prevention – Phone Scams.

For almost as long as the telephone has been around it has been used by fraudsters to scam the unwary in various ways.

today’s data based society, criminals make use of the phone to
fraudulently obtain information that enables them to steal your identity
or defraud you in some way.

Learn how to guard against telephone
fraudsters . . . Phone Scams – Beware of phone calls from scam artists.

Identity Theft Prevention – Keep all personal documents, such as passports safe.

if you received a hefty bill for medical treatment that you know you
did not have.

Or, debt collectors called at your door demanding payment
for health related debt that you know absolutely nothing about.

You would wonder what is going on, how could these things be happening to you, it would feel like a nightmare.

like that can happen if you become a victim of identity thieves who
steal your health related information, there are many ways they can do

As with other kinds of ID theft, you usually don’t know you are a victim until some time after the crime. Medical Identity Theft.

is estimated that around five percent of ID fraud involves thieves
cloning the identities of children – infants, minors and teens.

you know how attractive child identity theft is for thieves? Don’t take
chances, learn how you can help to keep your child’s personal
information safe. . . Child Identity Theft.

Identity Theft Prevention – Automatic Teller Machines.

Teller Machines (ATMs) are a blessing. Imagine going back in time to a
world where ATMs did not exist. If you needed cash you could only
obtain it during banking hours and then only from a branch of a bank
that you have an account with.

However, alongside all the
advantages of cash machines are some pitfalls.

Thieves use many tactics
and scams involving ATMs to steal your cash. When the scam involves
your PIN (Personal Identification Number,) the thieves can also commit
other types of identity theft.

Whilst these machines are used
quite safely the vast majority of the time, it is necessary to keep
identity theft prevention in mind when you use them. ATM Theft Prevention.

Cash is a little tight but there are a few items that would improve your life, so you have applied for a loan.

You have worked out that you can afford the
repayments and your credit history is first class, so you
are fully expecting that the loan will be approved. You get refused, you are a victim of Criminal Identity Theft.

Who would steal your personal information? A complete stranger, someone you have never even been in contact with? A casual acquaintance? Or could it possibly be someone you know very well indeed? The Identity Thief.

Gas Pump Credit Card Fraud – Beware of gas pump skimming.
These days you need to beware of gas pump credit card fraud when paying for gas at a pay pump.

Identity Theft Facts.
Is your money safe in the bank? Knowledge of identity theft facts can help prevent you becoming a victim.

Identity Theft Punishment.
When ID fraudsters get caught, they deserve to be taught a lesson. However prevention is always better than cure.

The Internet And Identity Theft Prevention.

Phishing Email – Do not fall for a phishing scam.
A phishing email can be very deceptive. You think that you have
message from your bank. The fraudulent email is designed to encourage
you to disclose personal information such as your account number, PIN
number, Social Security number, username, security number, etc.

Secure Passwords.
A well constructed strong password is harder for an identity thief to crack.

Identity Theft On The Internet.
Identity theft on the internet is a danger, but using your common sense
and taking all necessary precautions when you can greatly reduce the

Dangers Of Internet Dating.
are many dangers of Internet dating. Online dating can be a great way
to meet that certain someone, but you absolutely need to be on your
guard and cautious.

Identity Theft Prevention.