10 Best Red Flashlight Reviews

Red LED flashlights are commonly used at night. They are used by both star gazers and military personnel. This is because they need lesser light to get to an optimum place for star gazing. More light increase chances of missing a spot because light pollution is one of the things that hampers the star assemblages to be visible at night.
Tactical and military personnel use red flashlights because they do not emit as much light as their regular counterparts do. They are good for signaling in case you are lost in the dark as well as finding your way back. They provide lesser light for this purpose; however it is enough to find your way without endangering you. Here are ten top picks for red flashlights.
1. nyteBryte T6 Headlamp

nyteBryte T6 Headlamp
The lightweight, yet robust watch comes with two bulbs, one emitting white light and the other emitting red light. The handy buttons on the side ensure that you can quickly switch from one color to the other and have no issues in doing so. It also has size lighting modes that conserve battery. The red light included is great for night vision and also has a strobe mode to make sure you are spotted quickly in case of danger. The torch also has three white light modes.

2. LuxoLite CREE LED Headlamp

LuxoLite CREE LED Headlamp
This headlamp is great for running, jogging, hiking and cycling. It comes with both red and white lights which you can switch between with the help of pressure touch. The great thing about this lamp is that the strap is adjustable making it suitable for kids. It will not get loose and fall off. The torch is shipped with high grade batteries so you can use it as soon as you get it.

3. LingsFire Scalable Headlight T6 18650

LingsFire Scalable Headlight T6 18650
This flashlight is great for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it while making repairs in the car or running outside. The torch is water resistant and very rugged so it is a great investment for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors unhindered by exciting obstacles.

4. Wayllshine CREE LED 3

Wayllshine CREE LED 3
This is a great tool for you if you love to hunt. This tool is designed in such a way that it can be easily mounted on top of some shotguns and hand pistols. It has three switch modes including high, low and strobe. The strobe function ensures that you are never left stranded in the dark.

5. Ultra Fire 7W 300LM

Ultra Fire 7W 300LM
This rugged piece of equipment offers a bright 300 lumen output and is great for stargazing and hunting. It can be used for hunting with a night vision scope as well as for tactical military operations.

6. Woodland Camo 9 LED

Woodland Camo 9 LED
This torch can be carried around easily with its trusty nylon wrist strap. It is quite bright because of its nine led bulbs that pack quite a punch. The aluminium body makes it sturdy and durable. The low price makes it a great purchase for people who are still unsure about using red led flashlights. It is quite a steal.

7. Alldaymall F-966

Alldaymall F-966
The reverse polarity function makes sure that the led bulb does not burn out if the battery is improperly installed. The great thing about this torch is that it has five switch modes including, high, low, medium, strobe and SOS. It also has a light zoom in and out feature available. You will definitely not be left stranded if you have this handy gadget on you.

8. Celestron 93588 Astro Vision

Celestron 93588 Astro Vision
This torch is great for star gazing enthusiasts and astronomers. It uses two red LEDs to make sure that night vision is preserved better than other devices which use filters. It also comes packed with a 9 volt battery which makes sure that it charged all the time.

9. Celestron 93588

Celestron 93588
This flashlight has 25 lumens for its 10 white bulbs and 6.5 lumens for 3 red led bulbs. The dual switch technology makes it easy for the user to switch between bulbs and change the colours of the light being emitted. It is great for truck drivers, aviators and police officers. The torch is sturdy and can withstand plenty of shock.

10. Orion 5768 RedBeam Mini Led

Orion 5768 RedBeam Mini Led
This mini flashlight is a great accessory. It helps read star charts, navigate around in the dark while taking up minimal space. It can easily be carried around in a key ring.

Red flashlights are a handy tool for anyone who is out at night and has to navigate in the dark. Invest in any one the above and never panic when out for an exciting adventure.