Window Security – Protecting your home from intruders

Window Security.

Good window security goes a long way in protecting your home from intrusion.

highest proportion of home burglaries are made by the thief entering
through a door. Burglary via a window however comes a close second.

the window is at ground level, but upper floor windows are also at

Often, on upper floor windows, there is no widow security employed
to deter the burglar.

An open window is an open invitation to a burglar.

In this busy life it is all too easy to rush out and leave your home with a window open.

Make it a habit to check all windows are closed and locked before you leave home.

Don’t present a thief with such an easy opportunity.

Lock That Window.

older homes still have original windows installed. These original
windows, if well maintained, can make a very striking feature.

Unfortunately older windows were often not fitted with locks, only with latches.

In times gone by it was thought that these latches were sufficient to secure the window against unlawful entry, they are not, even a thief with moderate skills can defeat them.

Replace latches with window security locks.

Home protection measures that are highly visible
do double duty. They guard your home in the way that they are designed
to do and, by being visible they will put many a would-be burglar off
trying to break in to your home.

open window
Make sure that all your windows are closed and locked before you leave home. A window does not have to be as wide open as this one to be an open invitation to a burglar.
open window
Make sure that all your windows are closed and locked before you leave home. A window does not have to be as wide open as this one to be an open invitation to a burglar.

There are very few security measures that are more visually apparent than Window Bars.

screens can be fitted an alternative to window bars.

If you want the
option of leaving your windows open for ventilation (when you are at
home,) and yet still want your windows to be protected, Alarm Screens might suit you.

If you have a Home Security System, it will be protecting your windows as well as other possible entry points.

your security system to protect skylights and other windows that you
might think that a burglar would not be able to enter by.

Glass and Window Security.

Glass is
wonderful. It helps to protect our homes from wind and rain and at the
same time allows light in. It does break rather easily though.

Thankfully burglars prefer to avoid
breaking glass. For one thing the sound of glass breaking is rather
distinctive, it does tend to attract attention.

This may not be much of a
concern to the thief if your home is in a remote location but in most
cases he would rather not run the risk of someone hearing him breaking

window security quote
 window security quotation

Another reason burglars avoid breaking glass is the risk of cuts.

Blood from a cut can positively pin a suspect to the crime.

if you are concerned by the possibility of a thief entering your home
by smashing a window, you could increase your window security by
replacing glass panes with (virtually unbreakable) polycarbonate panels,
laminated glass, or Attach Security Film to your Windows.

Glass Break Sensors Trigger Your Alarm System Before the Burglar Gets Inside Your Home.

As soon as a burglar smashes your window the sensor sends a signal to your alarm system.

to give full attention to your basement window security. You may think
that a burglar would have little interest in your basement but if he gets in to your basement he has access to the rest of your home. Security for Basement Windows.

Do you have French doors? How wonderful to have a set of double doors that open straight onto your patio, decking or lawn area.

But unfortunately French doors are really a big pair of windows and can often be lacking in security. French Door Security.

good window security will go a long way in protecting your home from
intruders, but always keep in mind the need for an adequate escapement
in the event of fire.

Window Security

Window Alarms.

Window alarms are a very important link in the chain of your home security. Make sure that all windows in your home are alarmed and protected from the burglar.

Patio Door Locks
A patio door is a marvelous thing to have, it can let in much light and air and make access to your patio so easy. However when it comes to home security patio doors can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.