Home Invasion – Dangerous and Terrifying.

Home Invasion – Dangerous and Terrifying.

Home invasion can be simply described as home burglary conducted while the residents are present.

Statistics are not terribly reliable as few local police departments
keep separate statistics on invasion of the home, and the Federal
Bureau of Information does not attempt to keep national statistics on
the crime.

Most such events are recorded as standard burglaries or even as assaults.

Invasion of the home is also known by other names, such as hot burglary or push-in robbery.

Most hot burglaries tend to happen at night or at the weekends, when people are more likely to be home.

While normal burglars look for signs of unoccupied homes, those conducting the invasions look for homes that are occupied.

They often seek out homes occupied by those unlikely to put up a fight such as the old or infirm.

also look for targets likely to be lucrative, perhaps by following a
person home after seeing them wearing expensive clothes or jewelry, or
driving an expensive car.

Ironic as it may seem, drug dealers are
often sought after as likely victims of invasion, both because of
the possible stash of illegal drugs and because of the likelihood of
large amounts of cash kept at the dealers. Also the victims are not very
likely to report the crime to the police.

Often an invader will pick a house after visiting the place as a delivery man, and might pose as one to gain entry.

an effort to prevent resistance, most home invaders will operate in
packs to appear overwhelming and intimidating.

Hot burglaries usually
start with knock at the front door. Too many people will simply open their door to a knock, though occasionally the invader will kick a door down without even trying to get the occupants to open the door.

man at door

Were you expecting a delivery? A genuine caller or a home invader?
 man at door
Were you expecting a delivery? A genuine caller or a home invader?

Such invaders will then commence to pressure and intimidate the residents, who are now
their hostages, by shouting and threatening for pin numbers, safe
combinations and other such information.

They may use the family car to
make their getaway, and the best case is probably to be left bound and
gagged as they leave with your belongings.

It is also possible for the residents to be taken to their place of employment and forced to help rob that location as well.

The criminals can take their time to sort belongings to select the
easiest to fence and the most expensive, and load up the family’s car for
convenient transport.

Home Invasion by Deception.

To more smoothly gain entry, many home invaders will simply dress in
some sort of uniform, pretending to be making a delivery, or reading a
meter, checking for a gas leak in the neighborhood, or even posing as
police officers.

Others will use a story about presenting an award for winning a
contest, collecting for a charity or even needing to use the phone for
some emergency.

Another of the standard excuses is
that they’ve just accidentally run into the car in the driveway and
need to exchange insurance information.

They count on confused or
unaware residents who will believe there is a need for the criminal to
gain entrance before making their move.

If deception fails, the violent approach can, and often is, tried next.

Why Criminals Commit Home Invasion.

 house image
Residences are usually less “hardened” than business buildings, homes are often softer targets.

Home invaders explain that in addition to the rush these
loathsome criminals often experience while committing the crime, homes
are less likely than businesses to have people (in the form of
customers) arrive during the robbery.

And while police will often visit
convenience stores, they seldom unexpectedly visit homes.

Residences are usually less “hardened”
than business buildings. These days most businesses are protected by
silent alarms and surveillance cameras and as little cash as possible is
kept even in retail businesses. Homes are often softer targets.

home invasion is one of the most dangerous and terrifying of crimes
that can be experienced by an individual or a family. It can leave
victims traumatized for a long time. Get advice on home invasion prevention here.


Coping With Trauma In The Aftermath Of An Invasion Into Your Home.