10 Best Life Gear Torch Reviews

Life Gear flashlights are some of the best torches you ever purchase. They come in various designs and are empowered to cater to people in different scenarios. They make not just flashlights but other appliances, all of which are all top of the line. The Life Gear flashlights are commonly bought by the Red Cross and the Salvation Army for relief efforts. That is how effective these torches are. Following are a few top picks you can pick from when buying one of the best Life Gear flashlights.

1. Life Gear Outdoor Super Bright

Life Gear Outdoor Super Bright
This is one of the most amazing torches to have with you, if you are going somewhere outside. The torch is made with aircraft grade aluminium that guarantees it will be able to sustain more than a few shocks. At 360 lumens it is quite bright and after being fully charged it gives you almost 4 hours of constant light. It also has a premium polycarbonate reflector.

2. Life Gear Hello Kitty Glow Stivk

Life Gear Hello Kitty Glow Stivk
It is often impossible for people to get their little girls to carry a flashlight because of how large and masculine. This one with the Hello Kitty branding makes it impossible for girls to say no to it. This glow stick has four light modes which range from flashlight to glow stick and also comes equipped with a whistle which is as cute as it is useful especially for emergency. It comes at a throwaway price.

3. Life Gear Lumen Flashlight

Life Gear Lumen Flashlight
This nifty little flashlight is even better because it comes in two. It has a brightness of 300 lumens that can be reduced to a 100 to conserve battery life or when you need low light. The beam falls as far as 290 meters when on high mode and 108 meters when on low. It is water resistant and can be used for an hour and forty five minutes on high beam and five hours and thirty minutes on low beam.

4. Life Gear Flashlight Carded

Life Gear Flashlight Carded
This flashlight comes equipped with the latest 000 hour LED technology, the great thing about this is that it is a great tool for emergencies. The battery can last for up to four hours in flasher mode and it also comes with the cells included. You can get free replacement batteries with this unit.

5. Life Gear LG319 Outdoor Series

Life Gear LG319 Outdoor Series
This torch is made from aircraft grade aluminium and is one of the sturdiest devices you will ever find in the gadget market. It has three Cree high powered LED bulbs that make a strong beam. The lens is extremely bright at 360 lumens and it has a polycarbonate reflector ensuring that the beam can be seen up to a distance of 5 miles.

6. Life Gear LG323 Outdoor Series

Life Gear LG323 Outdoor Series
Made with the best aircraft aluminium, this torch has a brightness of 80 lumens and has a polycarbonate optical reflector. It is waterproof making it a great tool to take it out to the lake for camping or fishing. It can also easily be stored in your backpack even when it rains.

7. Life Gear Multi Mode Flashlight Pack

Life Gear Multi Mode Flashlight Pack
This amazing pack of three contains flashlights that can also be used as glow sticks. They come with AA batteries and are water resistant and at the same time are super bright. These torches turn on when they are immersed in water and have four modes, ranging from led flashlight to glow stick.

8. Life Gear LGDT300 Pocket light

Life Gear LGDT300 Pocket light
This pocket sized light fits easily into wherever there is place in your bagpack. It has three super bright LED lights and is crank powered. The device does not need batteries and will be powered by twisting. 30 seconds of winding gives you 60 minutes of light!

9. Life Gear LG21-70002

Life Gear LG21-70002
This is a water and weather resistant torch and has multiple light modes ranging from high, low and strobe with the added modes for emergency flashing. As if this were not enough it comes packing with a light source of 200 lumens.

10. Life Gear 4 in 1 Glow

Life Gear 4 in 1 Glow
The torch is a glow stick as well as a flash light. It turns on automatically when immersed in water and has the power of 30 lumens. It also has 4 different modes.

Make sure you invest in one of these amazing flashlights before you go camping next time. You never know when one of these gadgets will come in handy.