Vehicle Security. Keep that car thief out.

Vehicle Security.

Vehicle Security Tips To Keep That Car Thief Out.

A vehicle is usually the second most expensive asset that we own, the first being our home.

Too many vehicle owners pay too little thought to the security both of
their vehicle, and their personal security and safety, whilst using
their vehicle.

Driving and owning a vehicle should be a pleasure, it is no pleasure
at all to have your automobile stolen.

You owe it to yourself to do all
that you can to prevent that from happening.

You may have insurance, but there is always something to be found
from your own pocket when replacing a car, as well as all the attendant

By following these vehicle security tips you can greatly reduce
the chances of an auto thief stealing or breaking into your car.

safe, keep secure.

Vehicle Security When Parked or Parking.

It’s so simple, but it needs to be said – When you park your
vehicle take the key from out of the ignition, close the windows all the
way and make sure all the doors are locked.

Only parking for a minute? Do it anyway, it only takes a second
for the opportunist thief to slip into the driver’s seat and your
vehicle is gone.

And you? You’re standing there looking at the space
where your car was and feeling nothing less than foolish!

If you leave it, lock it.

Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle, even if it
is locked. Put them somewhere out of sight or take them with you.

Left your wallet on the dash? It only had a few bucks in it . . .
but then there was the credit cards and the rest of your identity! On
top of that there is the cost of the damage that the lousy thief did to
get at your wallet.

You may not want to leave not-so-valuables in plain view in your
vehicle. “That coat? Oh, it looks expensive but really, it’s a copy, if
it gets stolen what does it matter, I can replace it easily.”

The coat may be cheap, but will the thief know that? He busts
into your car and grabs a fake designer coat. There will be nothing
cheap about the cost of repairs to your vehicle! Hide the coat away.

Never leave anything on show in your car that could attract the
attention of a criminal. If it could interest a thief, put it out of
sight or take it with you, it’s basic vehicle security.

parked cars
Be choosy where you leave your vehicle. Think security.
 parked cars
Be choosy where you leave your vehicle. Think security.

Whenever possible park somewhere that has traffic, either pedestrian
or vehicle traffic.

Park somewhere that has good lighting even if it is
daylight when you park, you may not get back to your vehicle before

If you park somewhere quiet and dark you are making the auto thief’s job much too easy.

When using an attended parking lot leave only the keys that you
need to leave and never leave keys that are marked with a key code.
Don’t leave all your keys, why risk leaving your house keys?

When returning to your vehicle look around, make sure it is safe
to approach your car.

Check out the back seat for intruders before
getting into your car, think of your personal security.

Avoid parking next to large vehicles, dumpsters, wasteland etc. Be choosy where you park.

Always leave yourself plenty of time to make it to an

Try and avoid arriving pushed for time so that you are
tempted to park somewhere less than desirable. – Parking Lot Security.

If you have a garage at home then use it, and use it for parking
your car. Don’t fill your garage with junk so that you have to park on
the street, that is not what the garage was designed for.

Lock your car and lock the garage. Don’t lock the garage and leave your
vehicle unlocked with the key in the ignition, a thief only has to break
into your garage and find your car ready to go, he will think that it
is his birthday!

If your vehicle is fitted with an immobilizer or alarm system then activate it every time that you leave your vehicle. Make it a habit. Car Security Systems. Effective Security for Your Car.

Use a device that Locks the Steering Wheel
to the clutch or brake pedal. Yes, they can be a little cumbersome,
they may not look cool, and they are not unbeatable. But they are highly
visible vehicle security.

Thieves don’t like spending time breaking into a car, if your car is fitted with a visible security device and the next car along isn’t, which vehicle do you think the thief will give his attention to?

Got a locking fuel cap? With gas prices on the up and up and up you
may want to fit one.

It does not take a petty criminal long to siphon
your tank dry. You return to your car and you cannot drive anywhere. The
nearest gas station is where?

Got one of those in-car entertainment centers that have removable
faces? You have, good for you. You always take the face with you every
time that you leave your vehicle don’t you?

What! You leave it in the
glove compartment! Where do you think the first place the thief is going
to look? Always take the face with you.

If your stereo system has security code make a note of it, and
make a note of any serial numbers, and keep the note in a safe place.
No, not in the car, what sort of vehicle security is that.

Do not hide a spare key in your vehicle, auto thieves know all the places to look.

Do not hide a key under the car in a magnetic box either, the thief will know to look there as well.

Vehicle Security When Driving.

Lock all doors and, if possible, keep windows closed when you are driving.

When you are stopped in traffic leave enough room, between your
vehicle and the vehicle in front, to be able to maneuver out if the need

If you are signaled to stop by someone, perhaps indicating that you have a flat, keep driving until you can stop somewhere safe, a gas station for example.

If someone appears to be in trouble and you are not completely
confident about the situation, stay inside your car and use your cell
phone to contact the emergency services.

Keep your doors locked and if you need to speak to someone just lower your window a crack.

If you are threatened by an armed robber do not resist, give up your car or money and call the police when safe to do so. Your car is not worth your life. – Carjacking : How to Prevent Being Carjacked.

Now that you have read these vehicle security tips put them into
practice, they won’t do anything to improve the security of your vehicle
until you use them.


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