Intruder Alarm System – Will it keep intruders out?

Intruder Alarm System – Will It Work?

Does having an intruder alarm system fitted stop you being burgled?

thought about it, but that’s as far as it’s got. You’ve worried about
the what if. “What if thieves bust into my place when I’m out?”

You’ve pondered what
would that be like to come home to? And you have given some thought to
having a home security alarm system fitted.

“But these things cost money
don’t they?” “What if I spend out that cash and somebody busts in

Yes, a intruder alarm is an expenditure. There are many types of alarm at varying qualities and varying costs.

But just like anything else in life, if you want to hear the tune you’ve got to pay the piper.

However, that would be a double whammy wouldn’t it – to pay for an alarm system
to be installed and then get burgled anyway.

After all you do hear
stories about folks who thought they were free of the worry of burglary
because they had an intruder alarm system, and a thief hits their home

It does happen.

Nothing works perfectly in every case,
and having an alarm fitted will not, in itself, keep intruders out of
your home in every case.

Wearing a crash helmet will not guarantee that
you will not get injured if you have a motorcycle accident. But your
chances of escaping injury sure would be better if you were wearing one.

There are thieves who can defeat just about every quality and type of
alarm there is, but they are rare birds.

burglar inside house

Other thieves may have the
skills to defeat less sophisticated systems on occasion.

But these thieves often accidentally trigger the alarm when attempting to get the better of it and
have to beat a swift retreat.

Most thieves however, don’t want to even attempt breaking into a home
protected by an alarm system, they’d just as soon pass it up.

After all
there are plenty of unprotected homes for them to bust into, so why should they take the risk of triggering an alarm.

Ask Some Questions.

When you hear a story of someone having their home broken into
despite the fact they had an intruder alarm, ask some questions, you may
be surprised at the answers you get.

Ask if the system covered
all the possible entry points that a intruder may use to get in. Often
homeowners will fit a sensor to their front and back doors and perhaps
one or two windows, but leave other windows unguarded.

The burglar will find the unguarded ones.

too whether the alarm system was actually set when the burglary
occurred. It’s frightening, the number of cases where a perfectly good
alarm system was present, but was not switched on when Mr.
Housebreaker came to call.

Perhaps some folks rush out of their home and
forget to set the intruder alarm, they haven’t made it a habit.

An alarm is no protection at all if it is not set.

is yet another reason that folks get burgled even though they have a
home security alarm system fitted. They depend upon it too much. An Alarm System, no matter how good it is, cannot do it all.

You still have to take all the other measures to protect your home that you would do if you did not have an alarm.

Join neighborhood watch, fit Good Locks to windows and doors, make sure that your External Doors are tough enough, make sure that your home does not look inviting to a thief.

these things and fit, and use, an intruder alarm system, and your home
will be far better protected against burglary than without an alarm, as
sure as eggs.


Intruder Alarm System.

Vacation Security
Save yourself the heartbreak of returning from a well deserved
vacation to find that your home has had a visit from a burglar. As a general rule a burglar will choose a home where it appears that
nobody is in and that nobody is likely to return home soon. A home that
looks like the family is away on vacation is ideal in his eyes.