Monitored Home Security – The Benefits and the Downside

Monitored Home Security – Twenty Four Seven.

Did you know that it is estimated that a home is burglarized every 15
seconds? One of the ways you can help protect yourself from this
frightening fact of our society is with monitored home security.

This will give you a high level of security twenty four seven,
safeguarding you from burglary and many other kinds of emergency that may come

But what exactly does this kind of security entail?

Home security to this extent involves the monitoring team of the
security firm that you choose, monitoring your home all the time that
your system is active.

In the case of your alarm being triggered, this team is in charge
of ascertaining if it is a real emergency, such as a break in, and if
so alerting the appropriate authorities quickly in regards to the

It does not matter if there is a burglary, a fire, or anything
else. As soon as the alarm is triggered there will be action taken.

While monitored home security is an extensive type of home protection,
there many benefits you can gain from this.

The obvious benefit is that
your home is monitored twenty four seven, whether you are at home, on
vacation, at the mall, at work or are sleeping.

You can rest assured
that you home is being watched over for you.

Another benefit is that protection need not be limited to a specific
kind of emergency.

city building
In the case of your alarm being triggered the monitoring company will determine if it is a real emergency and if so alert the appropriate authorities quickly.
 city building
In the case of your alarm being triggered the monitoring company will determine if it is a real emergency and if so alert the appropriate authorities quickly.

Depending on the system, protection can range from
vandalism and unauthorized entry, to smoke, broken glass, or any medical
emergencies that may arise.

This is an ideal type of security for
elderly citizens in case there is the need for emergency care because
medics can be alerted swiftly.

So, with monitored home security appropriate action can be taken whether
you, or another member of your family, is at home or not. Sounds good,
and it is, but of course monitored security comes at a price.

It is not so much the cost of the equipment, good systems are
available reasonably priced, and some are even supplied free by the
security company, but usually with strings attached.

It is the monthly monitoring fee that folks have difficulty with.
Monitoring is available cheaper but typically ranges from $30 to $50
per month. Also you are usually required to be tied to a contract for a
set period.

Equipment that you will need includes a control panel, key chain
remote, window and door sensors, motion detectors, sirens and signs to
be posted on windows and doors. This may seem like a lot but this is what is required for you to have the safest security.

Monitored Home Security – More You Need To Do.

Monitored security by itself doesn’t solve everything of

You still need to ensure that you lock your windows and doors
when you leave your home, you still need to arrange your garden so as
not to supply a burglar with cover and to be wary of who you allow
inside your home.

And, importantly, if you do have an alarm you must remember to activate the system each time you go out.


Monitored Home Security.

So you started to hide a key. You hid the key where you thought a
thief would never look. Wrong. The thief will look there. Maybe you have
got away with it so far, but the criminal will find your hiding place,
maybe not today maybe not tomorrow, but . . .
The Burglar Will Find Those Hidden Keys.