The Fear Of Burglars : Worried about burglary?

Overcoming The Fear Of Burglars

Don’t Be Controlled By Your Fear Of Burglars

Burglary is a fact of life, unfortunately it does happen.

The number of burglaries that happen over any given length of time naturally vary from place to place.

Perhaps all the media crime reports make you feel it is only a matter of time before it happens to you.  It is only natural to be worried about burglary.

However the extent of your worry is the difference between it being a positive or negative emotion.

Does your anxiety cause you to lose sleep, feel helpless, or feel physically unwell?

Am I Too Afraid Of Burglars? Do I Have A Phobia?

If your fear of burglars impacts how you live your life, then that is unhealthy, if you dread leaving your home in case burglars break in while you are out, then your worry is controlling you. 

Likewise, being constantly afraid of Home Invasion all the time you are in your home is reducing the quality of your life. 

Concern about the security of your home and the personal safety of your family is of course a good and positive thing.

If you had no worry at all about burglary it is likely you would be very lackadaisical about security issues, perhaps even to the point of leaving your home unlocked.

Not having a care about burglary means you are without any control. If a thief wants to enter your home and rob you, he does so.

Having an all-consuming fear of burglars also means that you are not in control, your fear is in control. 

To be in control you have to have a healthy balance. You need to be concerned enough to do all that you can and that your budget will allow to reduce the risk of burglary.

There is a name for a phobia about burglars. Scelerophobia. It doesn’t exclusively mean a fear of burglars, WordInfo
defines it as “An excessive fear of bad men or the fear of being
attacked and harmed by wicked people; such as, burglars and robbers. ”

Where Did Your Fear Of Burglars Come From?

If you have been unfortunate enough in the past to be the victim of a burglary, then you will know how that experience can leave you with all sorts of negative emotions including anger, rage and of course fear. These emotions should not become permanent however. 

If after the passing of time you still have an exceptional fear of being burgled, you may have developed a phobia and will probably benefit from counseling. 

That previous visit from housebreakers could be the source of your anxiety, a perfectly natural response.

You can reduce your apprehension by taking steps to ensure that burglars cannot get in the same way again, and by reviewing and improving the security of your home in general and reviewing how you think about security.

What if you’ve never suffered a burglary or home invasion, where then does your undue worry come from?

A doctor would have a far more comprehensive explanation of course, but many phobias, not only excessive fear of burglars can be caused by an upsetting incident that occurred at an early age.

You may not even remember what it was that distressed you so much.

Different counselors have different views but many believe that it is not important to know the root cause of a phobia.

It is more important that you realize your undue worry about burglars is controlling how you live your life and that you are guided to overcoming it.

How Not To Fear Burglary Too Much.

If your anxiety is not phobic but you still do have a high degree of apprehension about the safety and security of your home and family, you can reduce that worry by taking action.

burglar opening door
burglar opening door

Start by looking over your home and decide where you would try to break in if you were a burglar.

Yes, you have read that advice before but have you done it?

If you find a weak spot harden it up so that a thief would have a tough job to enter your home that way.
Remember, most burglars will avoid making too much noise and will not want to risk spending a lot of time on a robbery.

By applying some basic Burglary Prevention Tips you can easily ensure that you are less likely to be a victim of crime.  Every little action that you take will help to reduce your concerns.

Good home security is not just a question of alarms and door and window locks, as important as these things are; it is also a question of having a security mindset. 

The best alarms available will do you no good if you forget to set them, likewise the most secure locks will not protect you if you don’t use them, locking up each time you go out. This is where your healthy, non-neurotic, fear of burglars is an advantage; you are more likely to do these things.

There is a lot you can do that does not involve a large budget.

If you have not already done so, joining neighborhood watch is a must. Not only will you be kept informed of crime in the area, but also you will meet like-minded neighbors who are interested in improving the security of, not only their own homes, but the neighborhood as a whole. 

The knowledge that neighbor is looking out for neighbor will go some considerable way in giving you peace of mind.

If you do not have an alarm system, consider installing one. A Phone Dialer Alarm that can alert you of an intrusion into your home, no matter where you are, need not set you back much at all.

Again the biggest benefit of such a system could be the absence of worry that you have when you are away from your home.

Let Time Be Your Friend

The more action you take, the more informed you are and the better your home is defended against intrusion, the more your fears will subside. It will happen over time, not overnight. Just allow yourself to grow naturally confident.

Was there a time in your life, perhaps as a child, when you had a fear of the dark? That fear did not pass suddenly, neither will your fear of burglars. One day you will find that you are healthily relaxed about the security of your home.
Just don’t get so relaxed that you become careless, and you will be fine.


Fear of Burglars

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