After a Burglary : Reassess your security protection.

After a Burglary.

After a burglary it makes sense to reassess your home security protection.

by Martin Underwood

If you have ever arrived at your home to find that you have been burgled,
you will know how traumatizing that experience can be.

It’s likely that
you suffered a range of negative emotions, anger, rage, fear,
bewilderment, frustration, isolation.

You may even find it difficult to believe and accept that the burglary happened.

These negative emotions can persist for some time after the initial

They can persist so much so that a recent report claims that nearly a quarter of
burglary victims, and victims of street crime, said their relationships with both family and friends had deteriorated since the break in.

Some said that they had been so adversely affected after a
burglary that they terminated a relationship, yet others reported sexual
problems and depression.

Almost one third said the experience had an affect on their
working life.

Other research found that more than one in three victims
feel uncomfortable being in their own home after being burgled.

A burglary or other crime is frequently given as a reason for moving to another area.

Not all of us are affected in the same way or quite so much.

frequent reaction after a burglary is to reassess our home security and
protection and that is not a bad idea at any time.


In fact after a burglary it is possible you will receive the
attention of a burglar again, probably the same burglar!

You see
burglars figure that you will likely replace the items that they have
stolen and they would like the replacements too.

They already know the layout of your home, know the times that
you are likely to be out of your home and know the weaknesses of your

The criminal will likely wait just long enough for you to
claim on your insurance and buy the replacement items.

It would be extremely traumatic to suffer two burglaries within a
short space of time. Yes, after suffering a burglary it makes sense to reassess
your home security protection.

Where did the burglar get in? If it was through a window that you
left open, train yourself to check that all windows are shut and locked
before you leave your home, and make sure that all your family does so

Did the burglar easily kick open a door? Check the security of
all your external doors make sure they are up to the job of protecting
your home. Are the frames strong and in good condition? How about the
locks, fit Deadbolts to all your External Doors. Consider the advantages of installing a Home Security Alarm.

You will find many more ways to keep the burglar out of your home on this page – Burglary Prevention Tips

The best plan is to do all that you can not to suffer a burglary
in the first place, but if it does happen to you take any counseling
offered to you by visitor support groups and beef up your the security
of your home.


After a Burglary.

Home Invasion Prevention.
Home invasion prevention involves hardening your home, being on your
guard, not opening your door to strangers and being as sure as you can
be about who you allow into your home.

Don’t Be Controlled By Your Fear Of Burglars