Garden Theft : A growing crime.

Garden Theft, a growing crime.

There is no doubt that garden theft is on the increase.

Read the local papers and you’ll likely see reports of prized
plants being dug up and taken from the garden.

A lawnmower just
disappearing, garden furniture not being there when the householder
returns from a shopping trip or a patio hammock vanishing in the night.

Perhaps some thieves are finding it so much easier to take whatever
is on offer in the backyard rather than risk trying to break into your

Just walk in, take and leave, quick and quiet.

Some thefts
from gardens are opportunistic, a junkie spots something portable that
you left out, he takes it to get a little cash towards his fix.

thieves organize themselves for garden theft sprees perhaps spending
time observing several homes, noting when owners are likely to be out
then moving in for their haul.

It is not only expensive plants and flowers that go missing. Statues and other items of garden art are not safe either; even quite heavy ones get stolen.

Children’s toys, peddle racers, bicycles and tricycles,
trampolines, skateboards, swings and slides, even playhouses can all be
the subject of garden theft leaving your kids heartbroken.

It is
very difficult to obtain statistics on thefts from gardens in the United
States because these are recorded within general property crime. But a
report from a leading UK insurance company suggests that almost 25% of
homes with gardens have experienced actual, or attempted, garden theft
within the last two years.

Garden theft includes theft from sheds of course, and it is here that the thief can find a treasure house.

So what exactly is in your shed? “Oh! It’s just the garden tool shed, not much of interest to a thief in there.”

garden statue
Statues and other garden ornamentation can disappear thanks to garden thieves.
 garden statue
Statues and other garden ornamentation can disappear thanks to garden thieves.

For a thief prowling your garden there is plenty in your garden shed,
or work shed, that will be of interest.

Power tools, edge trimmer,
cultivator, tiller, power mower, hedge cutter etc.

Then there are
your slightly more humble hand tools, spades, forks, hoes and rakes.
Don’t think that the thief won’t take those, he will.

It doesn’t take
long to load your gardening equipment into the back of a waiting
pick-up. Maybe the cheeky thief left it parked on your drive.

When you think of the replacement cost of gardening tools you can see that it makes sense to ensure that you do all you can to prevent garden theft from your shed.

Have you Security Marked the contents of your shed? You’ve marked all the valuables in your home, why not do the same in your shed.

is the condition of your shed, is it a little past its prime? Time then
to get it into shape.

Make sure that there are no places where a
criminal can easily force off paneling, if there are fix them up.

Lock That Shed!

Most thieves would go for the shed door though. Why? Because most
shed doors are poorly protected, perhaps with a cheap padlock.

Fit a
good standard lock with bolts that go through the door to a steel plate
at the back. If you do use a padlock make it a Quality Padlock and make sure that the hasp is fitted correctly with the screws hidden. You may want to fit Security Grilles on any windows.

is a good idea to secure items within your shed. It is quite simple to
chain up ladders (you would not want a burglar to use your own ladder to
break into your house,) chain bicycles and large power tools to a
strong anchor point.

Consider fitting a battery-powered alarm to your shed, or better yet connect your shed in with your Home Security System.

everything away when you have finished using it (just like mom used to
tell you.) And, most important, lock that shed even when you are at
home! Think security and you will beat garden theft from your shed.

So what can you do to prevent theft from your garden?

Sometimes it is the simple things that have the most effect. Don’t
leave anything out that would interest a thief. Put away (and lock away)
all power and hand tools when you have finished using them.

If the kids
have left their toys all over the lawn put them away before you go out.

If you are going on vacation tell your neighbors and ask them to keep a watch on your place. Being a member of your local Neighborhood Watch will help prevent garden theft, you are a member aren’t you?

Think about planting shrubs and bushes with prickly leaves and thorns up close to vulnerable entry points
but don’t let them grow so high as to give thieves cover.

And if your
garden and home is already hidden from view by high bushes or trees, prune them down, this will allow passers by and neighbors to see intruders in your garden.

If possible anchor garden art to the ground, the same with benches and other wooden garden furniture, alternatively vibration sensors can set off alarms or lights. You may want to keep a photographic record of valuable items.

Install Motion Activated Security Lights
covering all vulnerable points. A gravel drive is a good deterrent as
it prevents a thief moving noiselessly, or if you have a long driveway
consider a Driveway Sensor Alarm.

Install deterrents that prevent intruders climbing your walls or fences, consider using Anti-Climb Paint.

year insurance companies receive thousands of claims for loss from
gardens; this shows how worthwhile garden theft is for felons.

Don’t be
part of the statistics, protect your garden.


Garden Theft.

garden seat

garden seat

Wireless Home Security Systems
Wireless home security systems are simple to install because there is
not the requirement to run yards of cable. For this reason these type of
systems are very popular for DIY installation.

Window Security Locks : Keep that burglar out.
Window security locks play a vital part in the defense against
intruders. Many burglaries involve the thief gaining entry through a
window that has been left unsecured.