Lighted House Numbers : Your home quickly identified.

Lighted House Numbers : Your home quickly identified with light up house numbers.

by Martin Underwood.

Lighted house numbers can aid the police . . .

what importance is the way that your home is identified by its street

Does it make a difference, from a home security point of view,
if your house has illuminated house numbers that can be read from a distance
even in the dark?

Imagine that the police are responding to a report of an intruder in
your home, perhaps it was your security system that alerted
them, or maybe your neighbors made the call.

The police do
their very best to reach your home as quickly as possible, they are
actually able to get to your street in good time but then are delayed
because they can’t immediately identify your house, precious seconds are

Your house may be numbered, but in the dark of night and
from the roadside what the number of your house is impossible to tell
for sure.

Now imagine that your home has illuminated house numbers
that show up clearly in all light conditions.

The police officers now
can easily distinguish your house and get after the burglar that much
sooner. This is where lighted numbers can aid the police and play a
vital role in the security of your home.

Lighted house numbers help other emergency services find your home
quickly too of course.

Should you, or a member of your family, be in need of an ambulance the last
thing that you want is a delay because the crew were unable to
immediately identify your home.

Not only emergencies . . .

It’s not only in emergency situations that light up house numbers can
be a blessing, if you have friends over for dinner it will be much
easier for them to find your place.

lighted house number
lighted house number

If you’ve ever ordered a cab at
night and wondered why you were kept waiting longer than you thought
necessary, was it because the driver, having made it to your street in
good time, could not see your house number?

To be as effective as
possible your house number not only needs to be illuminated, it also has
to be at the correct height and readable from just about any angle.

Make sure that there are not any bushes, plants or trees obstructing the
sign. And of course, the numbers themselves have to be large enough to
be clearly read from the roadside.

Lighted House Numbers – The Running Costs

Okay, so what is it going to cost to run these lighted numbers, we
are all supposed to be energy conscious and green thinking these days.

The answer to that is it need not cost a penny in electricity to run
your lighted and clearly visible house number.

Sundigits 5 Digit Solar Led House Number

units are available and direct exposure to the sun is not at all
necessary, so you do not have to live somewhere with sunshine all the
year round.

All these units need to charge up is a clear view of the
sky. Some of these units are capable of holding up to three-months of
stored power.

Many of these house number units utilize LEDs (light
emitting diodes) and are virtually maintenance free, the LEDs will last
around 100,000 hours and consume very little power.

The units are smart
and stylish and are clearly readable at up to a distance of 200 feet or

Perhaps not as vital to your home security as good locks and
alarm systems, but lighted numbers that assist the police in identifying
your home, positively and quickly, can be one more weapon in your home
protection arsenal.


Lighted House Numbers.

Buying a Home Security System.
When buying a home security system, wireless or hardwired monitored or
unmonitored always compare like with like. Do the systems that you are
considering all give the same protection?