Home Security Safes : Keep your valuables secure.

Home security safes, ideal for keeping your valuables and documents protected.

Many homeowners have the idea that safes are items you will only find in
mansions and large estates.

This is simply not true and more and more
homeowners are considering purchasing safes for their homes, regardless
of how wealthy they are.

wall safe

While most people don’t keep a lot of cash in the house at any one time, they still have certain other valuable items that they wish to protect from burglars.

Jewelry is one of the items that should always be kept in a secure location, and home security safes are perfect for that.

There are also many other items that are not necessarily valuable per se but they have an intrinsic value for the owner.

Such sentimental items may also include jewelry, works of art or antique objects.

Others use a safe to store computer disks or sensitive documents,
such as certificates that might get damaged during a burglary or a
natural disaster.

For example, if you store your home inventory or list
of assets in your home safe you will not have to worry about insurance
claims in the unfortunate event of a fire or flood.

How to effectively use home security safes.

One of the best things to do is to work together with your insurance company and make sure all the valuable documents you own are placed in the safe.

If you do have large sums of cash you might want to consider keeping
them in the bank. However, for other items your home safe should be

Keep records of the number and type of the items in your home for potential insurance claims.

The next thing you should do is to consider what type of safe you
wish to purchase. Here are the Best Home Fire Safe Reviews and
Best Home Wall Safe Reviews.

Make sure to think ahead and see what kind of items
you wish to store and, very importantly, whether they will fit in your

Also consider the placement of the safe – will it be a standing
location, a Wall Safe or an Under-Floor Safe?

Would a Small Home Safe suit your needs best?

You should also consider the different types of locking systems.
Electronic locks are very secure but they are also more expensive.

can however go with a key lock or a combination lock. It’s essential to
purchase a home security safe that matches your needs and protection

Types of home security safes.

There are safes for home use that in effect rely on disguise and are designed to fool the bugler. These Diversion Safes,
(dummy books, drink cans, electricity outlets etc.) are places for you
to hide items of lower value and often work well for that purpose but
offer little or no resistance if discovered – so cannot be considered home security safes.

There are essentially two main types of home safes that you can purchase: burglary resistant and fire resistant.

The burglary resistant safes
are intended to keep your valuables and cash protected in the event
someone breaks into your home. Such safes come with different grades of
protection – the so-called cash rating.

Insurance companies recognize the cash rating of
home security safes in most cases, but you should check with them first.

The cash rating (protection level) of the safe is given by different
elements, such as the strength of the walls and the door, the complexity
and protection level of the locking mechanism and how hard it is to
remove the safe from its location.

As a rough guide the higher the cash rating of a safe the more secure it is.

Fire resistant safes

Fire Resistant Safes
are designed to withstand fires without damaging the contents of the
safe, no matter how sensitive they are.

Usually fire resistant safes are
constructed with several layers of material which are designed to
spread and disperse the heat, the fire resistance is usually measured in

It is important to remember that a fire resistant safe should not
automatically be determined secure or burglar resistant.

Both documents
and computer storage devices are kept intact in fireproof safes.

Important paper documents such as, your insurance documents, title deeds, passports, family photographs etc. can be given some protection from the ravages of fire with a Fire Safe Box.

If you are looking at home security safes that offer the best
protection for computer components or data storage you should know that
there are specialized fire safes that are the best at protecting
electronic devices.

Computer media is harder to protect during a fire because of the
temperature variations that may cause it to malfunction, or cause some
of the electronic components to melt.


Try to keep all your requirements in mind when selecting your home
security safe, as although you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on a safe
that offers you more protection than you will ever need, you do need a
good safe that will keep your valuables and documents protected.

  • Ensure that the safe that you are using is up to date and can resist the safe breaking tools today’s burglars use.
  • Fire resistant safes may not offer protection against force.
  • If you worry about mislaying, or losing keys choose a home security safe with a combination lock.
  • Be certain that the cash rating of your safe is adequate for your needs.
  • Pick a home safe that you will find easy to use, there is no security in a safe that you don’t use.

Biometric Safe : A fingerprint safe for security and reliability.
a biometric safe the most usual method of unique identification by far
is by fingerprint recognition, it is not only highly reliable but also
practical and convenient, especially for home use.

Laptop Safes : Protect your laptop computer from theft.

Laptop safes, protection for your laptop and the data it
contains. Laptop computer theft is very common and unfortunately
something in excess of 90% of stolen laptops are never recovered.

Gun Safes.
Gun safes are essential for keeping your guns secure and out of the
hands of the wrong people. If you own a firearm it is your
responsibility to keep it secured.

Waterproof Safe.
A waterproof safe or a water resistant safe can help to protect your
documents and other valuables from the highly damaging affects of water.

High Security Safes
Many modern high security safes are fitted with tempered glass
re-lockers, should an attack be made by drilling or cutting with a
torch, the bolts are slammed home.

Home Fire Safe.
Give your important documents protection from being lost forever to fire.

Car Safes.
Car safes go some way in reducing the very real risks of leaving something of value unattended in your vehicle.

Surveillance for Security


Home Security Safes.