Home Door Security : Secure doors keep burglars out.

Home Door Security.

Is Your Home Door Security Open to Improvement?

Most of us recognize that the exterior doors on our homes not only
provide a practical means for us to enter and leave, they also have the
potential to provide an entrance and exit for burglars and other

Although not the only means by which intruders enter a property,
ensuring that your door security is up to scratch is a good start
to protecting your home and family.

Are all of your external doors protected? It is of small use
establishing good security for your front door but failing to protect
your other external doors – Exterior Door Security

How secure is your garage door? Garage doors can prove a big home
security risk, of all exterior doors garage doors are the most likely
to be left unlocked and even left wide open.

An attached garage with a door through to the rest of the house
presents a security problem, once he is inside the garage the thief can
work unseen on getting through that connecting door. Garage Door Security

Today patio doors usually come fitted with far better door security measures than was the case even a few years ago – however many of the older patio doors that are still in use have very poor protection. Patio Door Locks

Glass panels in external doors allow in daylight and can provide a nice
decorative flourish but when it comes to security these kind of doors
may not be the best choice. Doors With Glass Panels

Does a Door Chain afford you much home door security protection? Ask uncle Alfred.

door lock
What home door security measures can you make to better protect your home? Are your locks old and weak? Are all your external doors in good condition?
 lock image
What home door security measures can you make to better protect your home? Are your locks old and weak? Are all your external doors in good condition?

French doors can be very stylish and an asset to your home. They
allow you a delightful unhindered view of the outside and when open
provide a wide space to walk out to your garden.

However, security can
be the weak point of these beautiful doors.

There are some things that you
can do to ensure that you are not providing an easy way in for the
burglar. – French Door Security.

Do you open up your door to find out who it is calling on you? Or do you look and see who is calling before you open up your door?

Checking first is the safest way. It saves you from opening your door to an unexpected stranger with evil intentions. – A Door Viewer, Your Peephole To Home Door Security.

Some folks never think about home security. Amazingly many
burglaries are carried out by thieves walking right in through doors
that have been left unlocked and sometimes left wide open.

You should of course, have quality locks fitted to all exterior
doors. But those locks will not enhance your home security one little
bit if you don’t use them.

There is little doubt that the most effective locks for home security are Deadbolt locks.

Have you ever lost your keys? Keys do tend to get lost and that
can mean a big headache. You may need to call out a locksmith, not only
to get you into your home but also to replace your lock, you do not want
to keep the same lock with a lost key out there somewhere. Keyless Locks and Fingerprint Locks have no keys for you to lose.

Ever since lock bumping videos were posted on the Internet demonstrating an easy method a thief
can use to open a lock, members of the
public have been concerned and understandably so.
Lock Bumping – A Danger Or Not?

Many top quality home security locks have hard steel anti-saw pins built into the deadbolt. If a housebreaker attempts to saw through the
deadbolt these pins will spin with every stroke of the saw, making hacking through the bolt very difficult. High Security Door Locks.

It’s wise to have high quality strong locks on all your external doors, but good locks alone may not prevent a burglar kicking in your door. Find out what you can easily do to fortify your doors. Home Door Reinforcement.


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