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Home Security Devices.

Home Security Devices For Your Protection And Safety.

If you are looking for complete home security systems you will likely
find what you need in one of the other categories, (listed on the left
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This section is for all the home and personal protection devices that do not quite fit into any of the other categories.

There is a wealth of security devices available and many do what they were designed to do well.

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Most however are one trick ponies. They only protect your home or family in one way.

wrong with that, as long as you keep that fact in mind and don’t rely
on the device for total security, and as long as they do that one thing

There are in fact, no home security devices, or personal security devices,
or security systems, that guarantee your complete safety. The most
effective thing for the protection of your home and those you love, is
to be security minded.

Without being security minded, and applying common sense, all the security appliances in the world would be of scant use.

Could Home Security Devices Help You Be More Secure?

Could you use a device that, although it does nothing for your home
protection when you are out, it makes it very difficult indeed for
someone to breakdown your front, or rear door, when you are at home?
Details of that one are below.

How can you make it appear to a burglar that the folks are at home, when in fact the folks are dining out?

There are two home security devices, details below, that can do just that.

Your day’s work is done. You’ve made the long trek home to find that you’ve left your house keys sitting in your desk draw.

home, what are you going to do? You don’t trust those ‘fake rock’
hiding places and you are right to not to trust them. There is a much
better answer below.

The younger members of your family are old
enough to be allowed certain freedoms, like hanging out with their
friends if you know where they are.

But are they in fact where you think
they are? There are personal security devices that can put your mind at

Lounge light on. Hallway light on. Bathroom light on, then off. Kitchen
light on, then off. Hallway light off. Lounge light off, Hallway light
back on. Bathroom light on again then, then off.

Busy home right? Lots of activity. Ah nuts! Move on, find a place where nobody is home to burglarize.

Timer switches can be set to give the impression the family is at home and make burglars think twice.

Timer Switches to Suit Your Needs.

Do you travel? Do you spend nights in hotels or motels?

you are concerned that somebody might slip into your room while you
slumber, even though you have locked the door? Then there is an
ingenious personal security device that can take that worry away from

The device is an inventive updating of something that was found in many homes of yesteryear . . .

Door Stop Alarm.

Door Guard.

A key storage box is designed to hold one or more keys. You fix it to a
wall close by your front door and lock it securely with a combination

Arriving at your door, you enter the code, remove the
key, open the door, replace and secure the key. Or, you can use the key
storage box to safely keep a spare key handy for those times you have lost or misplaced those darn keys.

Find out more . . .

Key Safe.

Some devices, inventions, appliances or tools may be designed for a
specific use, but can be imaginatively utilized for another purpose.

Do you know how home intercom systems can be used as home security devices?

Discover how here . . .

A Home Intercom System as an Aid To your Home Security.

When you were a ‘teen’ were you always upfront and honest with your
parents as to where you had been? Perhaps you frequented neighborhoods
they forbade you to go near.

Now that you are a parent yourself
you understand why mom and pop made those restrictions. The world is
not the same as it once was, some would say it is less safe than even
just a few years ago. Would you be more relaxed to know where your teenage kids are, and even where they have been hanging out?

A tracker device can give you all that information and, depending on the model, even more . . .

Tracking Device.

Woof Woof. There is nothing like the sound of a dog barking to put a
burglar off of breaking into a home.

He doesn’t want the hassle of
dealing with a canine defender, so he moves on to look for an easier

However, keeping a dog is not for everyone. Dogs need love, care and attention, not to mention the time needed to exercise them.

doubt you have seen the advertisements for alarms that bark like a dog
when a burglar approaches your home. Are these home security devices the
answer, are they effective?

Should you depend on a barking alarm for
the security of your home and family?

Find out here . . .

Barking Dog Alarm.

The opportunist thief passes by your home, he looks it over. He thinks
it looks just the kind of home he likes to burgle because it likely
contains plenty of goodies he can carry away easily.

But no.
He’ll forget about your home because there is somebody inside watching a
color television set. He keeps walking, he’ll find somewhere else.

The thief was fooled. There is nobody in your home at all.

Would A Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Really Deter A Burglar?

Would you find it embarrassing to use a peephole door viewer to check out who is at your door before you open it?

is nothing embarrassing about it, it is plain good sense to know who is
there before you open your door. If your visitors have nothing to hide
they will understand your caution.

Aren’t these home security
devices a little out dated? Not a bit, door viewers are as effective as
they always were – – and some have been given an up to the minute twist .
. .

Peephole Door Viewer.

the scene. The burglar creeps closer to you home, he has his eye on a
window in a dark corner. He thinks the cover of darkness will keep him
hidden while he works on that window.

He is only a few yards away now
and . . . suddenly your motion sensor lights burst into life!

he does not have the cover of darkness, now he might be seen. What does
he do?

Motion Sensor Lights

A car is coming up your driveway, you are not expecting visitors, is
this good or bad news? The sooner that you are altered to unexpected
visitors the sooner you can take any needed action.

If you are
expecting guests and you are alerted as soon as they pull onto your
driveway you can be at your door ready to meet and greet them.

A driveway alarm can have many benefits.

Find out more. . .

Driveway Alarm

Looking for something to beef up the security of your doors?

Amazon carry an impressive range of door security hardware. Not all of the home security devices on offer will be suitable for your specific needs, but if you choose wisely you will have yourself something that does the job.

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Home Security Devices.