A High Security Padlock : Secure And Protect.

High Security Padlock – Protection.

Securing With a High Security Padlock.

Likely as not there is at least one additional structure on your property apart from your house.

is also very likely that you use that structure to store valuable

Gardening tools and equipment in your garden shed, expensive hand
and power tools in your work shed, costly toys and play equipment in
your summer house or play house.

Then there is your garage, whether it is attached or integral.

Your garage is also likely to contain
many items that you would not want to lose including your car.

Often these structures are not equipped with an inbuilt lock and the easiest way of securing them is with a padlock.

the value of tools and equipment, and how attractive they are to
thieves, you may wish to use a high security padlock.

Why a High Security Padlock?

Padlocks can be defeated. There are a number of methods a burglar can
employ to open up, or bust open, a padlock.

The more secure the lock
is, by design and manufacture, then the more knowledge and skill the
thief needs to attack it and he needs to risk spending more time, and
making more noise, to do so.

If faced with a high security
padlock that he doesn’t know how to overcome, the burglar has two
options. He can find another way into your shed – – or give up and look
for someplace else to burglarize.

Master Lock High Security Keyed Different Padlock

Make sure that your garden shed, or whatever structure you are
securing, is worthy of a high security padlock.

If it is in a poor
condition then fix it up so that it is secure.

As a chain is only
as strong as the weakest link, a burglar will attack a weak door itself
rather than the padlock.

Strengthen or renew the door and frame. Do not
forget about the door hinges, can the burglar work on the screws or
bolts or are they protected?

You may want to consider extra protection for your most valuable
items. Chain and lock your expensive mower, bicycles, pressure washer
etc. to a suitable anchor point within your storage shed.

For less bulky valuable items a steel cage, or a securely locked and anchored, chest works well.

you store a ladder outside because it is too long to be kept in your
shed or garage? A thief could make use of that ladder to burgle you or
your neighbor, don’t give him the opportunity, chain and lock it to a
suitable anchor point, use a good quality secure padlock.

You absolutely need a hasp and staple of the same high quality as your
padlock. It is of no benefit to lock a tough padlock to a poor
quality, or badly fitted, hasp.

Make sure that you fit the hasp
the correct way around, that is so that it folds over and covers the
screw or bolt heads when padlocked. That way the burglar cannot get to
work and remove those screws.

Closed Shackle Padlocks.

Closed shackle padlocks have
protection around the shackle making shearing with bolt cutters
difficult. Also known as Shrouded or Shielded shackle padlocks.

Discus Padlocks.

Padlocks are of circular design and the shackle turns inside the body
of the lock, this gives a lot of shielding to the shackle and protection
from attack.

Long Shackle Padlocks.

Long shackle
padlocks have an increased shackle length which allows for easier
securing. It should be noted however that longer shackles are easier to

Weatherproof Padlocks.

It would not be unreasonable to
assume that any padlock worth its salt would be able to withstand the
elements as they are usually employed outside. However wet, cold and
heat can be pretty testing so some padlocks are manufactured with
weather extremes in mind.

These locks are described as
weatherproof, weather resistant or marine quality. They are available
with closed or long shackles and are constructed from rust proof
materials; many are also enclosed in a thermoplastic shell.

must be remembered that weatherproofing alone does not make for a high
security padlock, although many are tough and designed with security in

Straight Shackle Padlocks.

These locks have a
straight shackle across the top of the body and are designed primarily
for securing roller shutters. They can also be used for other
applications and give protection in the same way as a closed shackle

Combination Padlocks.

No keys so no
fears of losing or misplacing them. Make sure that it is a quality
padlock, do not rely on a low quality combination lock.


High Security Padlock.

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