Your Home Security Tips.

Your Home Security Tips.

Now it is your turn to share your best home security tips.

do you do to keep the burglar out of your home? What works best for you
(or what have you tried that didn’t work as well as you expected?)

sharing our tips with each other we can learn more defenses to beat the
burglar. We can all move that little nearer to being free from the
worry of crime.

head of a burglar
head of a burglar

Got an effective new way to get the best from your home security system?

Got some smart ideas to put the burglar off choosing your home to burgle?

Have you discovered a smart way to discourage thieves from targeting your home?

Tell us about your beat the burglar tips here. The more we know about defending our homes and families the better protected we will be. Your tips do not need to be high tech, even the most basic way of improving home security can help to make us safer.

Do not include any information which could identify your

You can post anonymously if you do not want to disclose your
real name, (or use a pen name.) When asked for your location just enter
your City, State, or Country, or leave blank if you prefer.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Trash To Fool The Burglar. 
My neighbor who moved in around three months ago told me he and his family would be leaving for their vacation. I offered to take care of any mail and …

You Have Something Worth Stealing. 
What I have got to say is to do with the way that you think. You have got to believe you have something in your home that a burglar would be interested …

Home Security Tip, Gate Spring. 
This tip may not be of use to everyone but if you are in our circumstance it will be.

We live in a very quite place, when I say quite I mean quite, …

Two Doors At The Back. 
I have a question. My small house has two doors at the back, I only ever use one of these to get to the yard and then not that much because I have pretty …

Leaving Cash Out. 
I have not tried this myself and I'm not that convinced I ought to.

Every time that she leaves her home, a girlfriend of mine always leaves a purse …

Rear Door Security Tip. 
I live in a very pleasant small community of mostly retired persons like myself. We don't get much crime here but it does happen. The criminals most often …

Preventing Car Burglaries 
Many security tips say to put valuables in the trunk (boot) of a car to protect them. However that can also get them stolen!

I often see people parking …

My Tip, No Alarm. 
I've never figured that it is worthwhile for most people to shell out for an alarm system. An alarm cannot stop some crook from breaking into your home. …

Home Security Tip – Keyless Lock, the security rules. 
I changed the old rim lock on our house door to a dead bolting keyless lock. Everything was fine for about a week, then as I was entering the code I noticed …

My apartment 
The garbage chute is around the hallway; I always lock my front door when leaving (even to take out the trash). I usually take it out on my way to work …

Home Security Tip : Get A Home Safe. 
My advice to anyone would be to get themselves a good home safe. I know that you cover safes on this site and advise using them I'd just like to endorse …

Home Security Tip : Noise in the garage. 
I read your page on fitting a door viewer. I use mine every time I have to go to the door, I wouldn't be without it.

I have also fitted one on the connecting …

My home security tip – door opens out. 
Hello there,

Thieves got in our neighbor's house by kicking in the back door in to their kitchen. I did not want the same to happen to us so I had the …

They will not climb the fence. 

The tip I have is for stopping intruders from climbing walls and fences. I read your advice not to have fencing that can't be seen through, I …

Home Security Tip : Chain Your MGB 
Alright here is my home security tip.

If you use an MGB, that is one of those wheeled garbage bins then chain it up, a bicycle lock and chain works …

Home Security Tip : A dog is good for security. 
As a female that leads the single life I do worry about the security of my home, both for when I am out and when I am here.

Someone gave me this tip, …

Home Security Tip : Adjustable strut for the back door. 
Two years past we found that someone had been messing around with our back door. I am convinced that they tried to pick the lock.

The lock is quite …

Home Security Tip - Check Everything. 
This is very simple and it is really just horse sense.

Anytime we leave the house we make a check that all doors and windows are closed and locked. …

Safer (Home Security Tip) 
I purchased an automatic garage door locking system.

One day I was searching for garage doors on the internet and came across the garage door lock. …

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Home Security Tips.

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