Home Security Tip : A dog is good for security.

Home Security Tip : A dog is good for security.

by Beth.


As a female that leads the single life I do worry about the security of my home, both for when I am out and when I am here.

Someone gave me this tip, or perhaps I may have read about it someplace, anyway the tip was to leave a dogs dish out so that it appears that your home is guarded by a dog. I did this, it was a large drinking dish complete with the word dog around the edge. I even ensured that the dish was full with water always.

It took nearly two months until it hit me, any burglars would guess there was no dog because there was no barking. I felt a little foolish, but I also got to thinking. I like animals, and to cut the story, I got a dog for real.

Marlon is a Lakeland Terrier and I can’t tell you what an angel he is, but anyway the point is he is now my security. Anyone comes to the door, back and front, and Marlon barks. He is not a large dog, not tiny, but his bark is enough to deter thieves I am sure. And he makes me feel so much better knowing he is there, there is not the worry of returning to the house with someone inside. So there is my home security tip, a dog will guard you as well as being a real good friend.

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Jan 19, 2010

my old dog

by: Anonymous

Dog does a good job. He will keep them out he goes frantic no one at all will want to mess with him.

Jan 07, 2010

Rusty would send them off.

by: D and E

We are sure that our “Rusty Boy” keeps our house safe.

He is a bit long in the tooth now but he sure still knows how to bark. Rust knows not to go barking when we are out so as not to be a nuisance, but he would bark and snarl if he had cause. Any interference and they would not want to stay around.

Feb 07, 2009

Does a dog work?

by: Anonymous

Well I don’t know, should you depend on a dog? Dogs get stolen don’t they.

All they got to do is toss the dog some meat, it will not be barking or go at them. Does the sound of a dog barking bring help, I don’t think so.

I would not depend on a dog.

Jan 22, 2009

A guard dog is excellent security.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Beth,

Thank you very much for sharing your security tip with us.

Yes a guard dog is excellent security. And you are right, a guard dog does not have to be a large breed, the sound of a dog barking is often enough to deter intruders. Plus of course you have all the other benefits of dog ownership.

Martin (editor)

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