Two Doors At The Back.

Two Doors At The Back.

by E. L. Miller

I have a question. My small house has two doors at the back, I only ever use one of these to get to the yard and then not that much because I have pretty much lost interest with the yard.

I have been thinking I could nail up these two doors and be safer. It would mean that I walk around the side to get to the yard but that is not a problem. That would mean that burglars could not get in my house that way. Is this a good idea or could you suggest something better.

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Jan 11, 2014

One Door?

by: Anonymous

Do you really want to lose both doors? As has already been said fire laws will likely prevent you from doing that.

Your house must have been designed with two doors for a reason but you may get away with taking out one. Don’t just board it up, remodel and enjoy the space you gain.

Try not to lose all interest in your yard, keep it tidy and trim at least. An untidy yard sends a signal to would be burglars that the owner doesn’t care about the house and is not likely to have taken much trouble with security.

Sep 15, 2011

Good locks instead.

by: Martin (editor)


I’m pretty sure that you don’t mean literally just nail up those doors. I’m guessing that you mean fix them so that they cannot be opened.

Is this a good idea? It may not be.

Whilst agreeing that doors can be a weak point and are often an easy entry for a burglar, the doors are there for a reason, maybe more than one reason.

Have you considered what would happen if a fire started at the front of your house and you were unable to get out the back? For this reason there may be local building codes preventing you doing what you intend. That is if you do what you intend, I have what I believe to be a better suggestion.

Instead of blocking your doors, make an investment in better locks. If the doors and frames are not in good condition get them fixed or replaced. Replacing doors and frames would be an expense it is true, but if they are not strong there would be no security in blocking them up. The quality locks would likely cost little more than the materials you would need to effectively block the doors.

If you are remodeling your home that may be a different thing, (even then I’d doubt that you would want to loose both doors,) and again it would depend on building codes. Blocking off a door for remodeling would entail bricking it up.

Please think before you block your doors. A burglar could almost just as easily get in through your windows. You would not want to deny yourself the ability of opening and closing your windows as a home security precaution. Hopefully you have good locks for your windows that reduces the chances of someone breaking in that way. Likewise with your doors, good locks are the answer, not blocking them.

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