My apartment

My apartment

by me

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The garbage chute is around the hallway; I always lock my front door when leaving (even to take out the trash). I usually take it out on my way to work in the morning and do not do so at night. I leave the TV on and lights on when I go out.

I have a security lock and a dead bolt lock. I use a word as my email address – not my real first name, last name or initials. I meet neighbours in the lobby (in front of the security cameras) when I need to eg. sell an item, etc. I don’t go to their apartment and they don’t come to mine.

I take my recycling to the bins in the garage on Saturday morning – never in the evening. I want enough normal people to be around. If I am nervous about recycling, I just throw it all down the garbage chute – I won’t go green at the risk to my safety.

I sold one condo apartment and bought another – I hired a real estate agent so I did not have to let strangers come in to view it – he could do it while I was at work, etc. I carry a cell phone when I need to go out after dark. One of my neighbours does not even carry a purse.

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Feb 26, 2010

Taking out garbage

by: Anonymous

You are spot on right. Taking out the garbage at night is a risk, I always do it in daytime and when I know people will be around.

Feb 20, 2010

Great security tips.

by: Martin (Editor)


Thank you very much for your posting. You certainly take your security seriously and have given some great security tips.

Arranging to meet in view of security cameras is a sound idea. Of course, never let anyone into the building unless you are sure of their identity.

I agree with you, as important as recycling is, it should not be at the expense of your safety.

Martin (Editor)

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