Leaving Cash Out.

Leaving Cash Out.

by Suzanne

I have not tried this myself and I’m not that convinced I ought to.

Every time that she leaves her home, a girlfriend of mine always leaves a purse out with only about twenty dollars in it. Her theory is that should she be burglarized, the thieves will find that purse and not trash up her place looking for cash.

Her claim is that mostly the thieves are not aiming to take T.V. sets and large expensive stuff but are mostly kids, teens that is, looking for the means to get their meth and other drugs.

Several times she has pressed me to do the same. I can see where she is coming from. I’d rather have a small amount of cash stolen than have a burglar smash my stuff in frustration. But my way is to hide everything. I know that if they spend long enough looking they will find it. I don’t know what the best is to do?

Incidentally, both my girlfriend and me lock up our homes, doors and windows, before we leave them but we don’t have alarms. My neighbors are very good and would do something if someone tried breaking in. I’m not so confident about my girlfriends neighbors.

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May 20, 2015

Good post

by: Brittany Mraz

Bravo, this phrase has had just by the way, Many thanks

Oct 03, 2011

leave marked bills

by: Anonymous

How about if you left marked bills out, marked by the police. When the thieves try io spend them they will have effectively handed themselves in. Well . . .

Anyhoo I hope you don’t have burglars.

Jun 17, 2011

Santa Cookies

by: Monty Monty

So why stop at leaving pocket change out for the burglar. How about leaving some nice cookies and a glass of milk, just like you do for Santa?

Hey there, lace that milk with a generous slug of rat poison, after drinking that I don’t think that burglar boy Santa will be back for more pocket change!

May 04, 2011

Not trying this.

by: Anonymous

I don’t think that I will be trying that one. Leaving money in the hope that they will take that and nothing else seems a little nuts to me, no offense.

Sure as the day is long they will take it and take whatever else they want too.

May 01, 2011


by: Martin (Editor)

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you very much for sharing your, or rather your friend’s, home security tip.

You are obviously not fully convinced that this idea would work and I must say neither am I. Leaving money out in the hope that a burglar will grab that and run may work in some circumstances. An opportunist thief may well only be looking for drug money. But you can’t count on that. Sure, they would take the contents of a left out purse or wallet, but may well then keep looking for more.

It is true that some burglars trash up victims homes in frustration if they don’t find what they are looking for. Then again, in the course of ransacking a home they can leave it in a sorry state. And then there are the psycho idiots who will trash a home not in frustration but just for kicks.

I honestly don’t know about your friends idea, it could just be an easy way to lose twenty bucks. It will be interesting to see if any other visitors leave their opinions.

Good for you for doing what you can to keep burglars out of your home in the first place.

Martin (Editor)

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