My Tip, No Alarm.

My Tip, No Alarm.

by Stephen


I’ve never figured that it is worthwhile for most people to shell out for an alarm system. An alarm cannot stop some crook from breaking into your home.

Far better I say to invest in hardening up your home. Good locks, strong doors, strong windows.

If you are at home and someone starts to break in I think it very likely you are going to wake. Pick up your phone and call the police or someone for help. You don’t need an alarm to do that. Oh yeah, if you leave a window open then the burglar could come into your home without you hearing a thing, so don’t go leaving windows open.

If you are not at home when a burglar wants to rob you, what good is an alarm going to do you? By the time the police get to your home those bad boys will be long, long gone.

Harden your home and noone will get in without making noise so that neighbors hear. Perhaps maybe if you live right out somewhere remote and there is no neighbors then an alarm that contacts the police is a deal. But then if you are that far out the police are not going to arrive in time to stop the burglars.

I have hardened my home as much as I can, best locks on doors that you will not kick in and double pane windows (tougher to break) that also have good locks. I feel far more secure than I would if I had an alarm.

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Mar 09, 2011


by: Anonymous

I keep reading of people installing a burglar alarm but getting robbed anyway. That has not stopped me from having an alarm myself, I figure you may as well have one even if the odds of it doing any good are small.

Nov 20, 2010

I need my alarm.

by: K. B.

I would not sleep if I did not have my alarm. It gives me comfort to know that it is there and should someone start to break in it will go off, I test it regularly.

I would not count on waking up just from the noise of a burglar, some can be very quiet can’t they? I do have good neighbors on all sides who would help me.

For sure I do not only depend on my alarm but it is good to know it is there.

May 23, 2010

Burglary alarms are fine.

by: Anonymous

Don’t be so sure that the police never respond quickly to a burglary alarm. Besides setting off a siren has sent many burglars running before they have got into the house, and alarms do alert neighbors.

May 16, 2010

Burglary prevention.

by: Martin (Editor)

Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much for contributing your security tip.

I’ll go some way in agreeing with you. I would say that an alarm system is not the most important thing for the security of your home and family.

The most important thing is a security mindset. and then making sure that your home is not an easy target for the opportunist burglar. burglary prevention.

Next I would do as you suggest – good doors/ good locks, a hardened home.

Then I would think about an alarm system. Despite what you think alarms do help to catch burglars and they are a good deterrent in themselves.

But you do make some good points and thanks again for sharing them.

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