Home Security Tip – Check Everything.

Home Security Tip – Check Everything.

by Ivan

This is very simple and it is really just horse sense.

Anytime we leave the house we make a check that all doors and windows are closed and locked. We do this while we are still in the house, if we are going out by the kitchen door we check the front door is locked. We have windows that we can leave open a crack for ventilation, they can’t be opened further.

Everyone should do this but a lot of people do not. We have a friend who left her house by her front door with the back door wide open. She had been out in her garden earlier. Lucky for her no thief walked in, but it gave her a hell of a fright when she returned. It is all too easy to forget an open window.

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Feb 10, 2009

You have to check.

by: Charlie Grace

Yes you have to check everything, checking it twice is best.

I made as bad a mistake as your friend who left her back door open. I went to check my mail at our mailbox by the gate. Saw a neighbor and walked over to chew the cud awhile. Next thing I’m sitting in his house enjoying a coffee. After what must have been half hour I started to feel uneasy, didn’t know why until I remembered the door!

I ran back like the scalded cat, everything was OK but that was luck. Now, even when I go to check the mail I shut the door behind me, I don’t lock it but hold the keys in my hand to remind myself the door is unlocked.

Jan 03, 2009

It pays to check.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Ivan,

You are of course quite right, it is always a good idea to make a check before you leave your home.

As you say, it is easy to forget all the windows that you have opened up, then walk out of your home leaving an easy way in for the burglar. It pays to check.

Thank you very much for sharing your home security tip.

Martin (editor)

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