Home Security Tip, Gate Spring.

Home Security Tip, Gate Spring.

by Cat Rezola

This tip may not be of use to everyone but if you are in our circumstance it will be.

We live in a very quite place, when I say quite I mean quite, that is not much traffic at all and very few people about. Our house is in a row where all the houses are close together. Our garden gate has a strong spring on it, its a bit of a push to open it if you are entering the garden. The thing is, the spring means the gate is never left open, but it closes with a loud and distinctive snap.

It is possible to stop the snap sound by holding the gate and letting it close slowly, but no visitors ever do that.

If someone comes thru my garden gate I know about it no mater where I am in the house. I can sneak a peep out my window and see who is coming to my door and if I want to open up to them or not.

My neighbor has the exact same gate with the exact same spring. I’m alerted when someone is going to her door. If she is not at home I can see who it is and what they are up to. Of course, she does the same for me.

Alright that’s it. Not much of a tip perhaps but I feel safer for that warning noise. You know how it is, you can’t be too safe.

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Nov 04, 2011

I know the kind you mean.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Cat,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your security tip with us.

I know the kind of gate closer you mean, I’ve wrestled with a few of those in my time. The snap that it makes must be very loud for you to hear it in any part of your house.

You are quite right to be wary of people who call at your door. (see distraction burglary ) I do like the fact that you and your neighbor look out for each other.

Keep thinking of ways to improve your security and I agree with you, you can’t be too safe.

Martin (editor)

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