My home security tip – door opens out.

My home security tip – door opens out.

by Peter Northwood.

Hello there,

Thieves got in our neighbor’s house by kicking in the back door in to their kitchen. I did not want the same to happen to us so I had the rather bright idea, if I am saying so myself, of making the door open outwards so that it is much harder to kick it open.

Did not do this work myself, I got my brother-in-law to do it all for me. You see, my b-i-l is the daddy of all handymen according to my wife. I have to admit he is pretty darn good and does everything for a few beers and a burger or two. Again according to my wife, I am the worlds worst, too slow, too messy and things don’t turn out right. I don’t argue about this anymore, I just ask the b-i-l.

I only took him an hour or two to do the job and it is a job well done. He said that often making a door swing out you have to remove the whole door frame and turn it, he did not have to do that. He did have to buy some special hinges that thieves can not pull the pins out of. He said too that it is a good job that the eves overhang the door because now that it opens out rain would otherwise rot the top of the door.

People don’t call round to the back door so there is no problem in opening the door on to them. It is a good idea, makes the door a lot stronger. So that is my home security tip.

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Feb 06, 2012

door opening out

by: Anonymous

Commercial back doors, steel doors. …all open out. No problem for workers who go in and out, or delivery people.

we just put a commercial peep hole in the door.

I plan to get a steel door( for home) with glass lites in the top portion.

Just as safe as a glass window, and sturdy and steel frame, and we would be able to see out.

Thanks for the tip on the hinges.

Jan 16, 2011

Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers.

by: Anonymous

I don’t think that putting up a sign would be enough. even if the says says “Warning door opens out – That means it may hit you when opened” would be enough to get you off the hook.

Today every man and his puppy sues. Just touch someone when you open the door to their knock and lawyers will get involved, you know it.

Feb 15, 2010

why do all that?

by: S

Would it not have been easier to have just got a stronger door and better locks?

Jul 14, 2009

Warn People.

by: Anonymous

If you make your door open out you may want to put up a little sign warning people not to stand close.

Also you need to be careful with an outward opening door in strong winds.

Jun 25, 2009

big security advantage.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your home security tip with us.

:0) Some folks have a natural talent for DIY. The rest of us may have skills in other areas.

Yes, an outward swinging exterior door can be a big security advantage. As your brother-in-law points out converting a door to open outwards is not always easy, but he seems to have converted yours OK.

Martin (editor)

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