They will not climb the fence.

They will not climb the fence.

by Lorna Corwin


The tip I have is for stopping intruders from climbing walls and fences. I read your advice not to have fencing that can’t be seen through, I have read that advice at law enforcement web pages too so I know that is good advice, but for a number of good reasons we prefer a solid fence around the back yard. The most important of these reasons is our beautiful Norwegian Forest cat. He loves to roam around out there and it is something we let him do whenever we can.

But on to our yard fencing security tip. We did not want spikes along the fence and believe we have found something much better both for keeping burglars from climbing and something that looks delightful. My hub fixed trellis all along the top of the fencing.

You will know the style I mean, only about two feet high, so it does increase the height of the fence a bit, in a criss cross pattern. It is quite light weight so it does not need a lot of support and breaks fairly easily, this is a good thing! If someone were to try and climb on it, as soon as they put their weight on the trellis it would break, and it makes quite a ruckus! Its like it has a built in alarm bell! The wooden trellis slats leave sharp ends when they break too, another disincentive to climb.

I would be a shame though to have that trellis there and not use it for its proper use. So we have trained a climbing rose along it. Not only is this rose, (Don Juan,) spectacular with beautiful red blooms, it is also very thorny. Who is going to try and climb that?

Naturally it takes a time to get the roses all the way along, but well worth the wait. But even without the rose the trellis itself will, I’m sure, keep out intruders. Of course that is not the only thing that we do for our security, we do have an alarm installed, but I thought I’d pass the tip along as it is worth knowing.

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Mar 09, 2010


by: Willy Boy

Use nails along the top of your fence, you can buy strips of them, I’m sure you can so how illegal can they be. I made my own, not too tricky at all, just nail along a narrow length of wood. Don’t use too long nails as they could be bent over, about inch and one half is good. sharpen them up when you have loaded them along the strip but before you attach the strip to the top of your fence.

Nov 19, 2009

It does make a noise.

by: Martin (editor)

@ V. Drake.

The trellis snapping will not make a loud sound, you are correct on that, but it does make a noise and that is something that burglars do not want.

Also, the thin wood does not break cleanly. It tends to break in sharp points which could be very uncomfortable for someone attempting to climb.

Thorns give scratches and draw blood. Some burglars are mindful that DNA identification can be obtained.

True some thieves are desperate enough to attempt any defense and behave like animals when confronted. But surely it is better to take any measure you can to deter the average burglar than do nothing at all?

Nov 19, 2009

Its no alarm.

by: V. Drake.

I’m sorry but I can’t imagine the sound of a thin piece of wood snapping to be any kind of alarm. Are your neighbors slumped in front of their television going to hear that! I don’t think so.

Thorns on plants may put me off if I was a burglar, but thick garment or two may solve that. Besides will criminals who are prepared to rob and beat, even kill, to steal a few things to sell for their drugs be stopped by a few scratches? Really?

Oct 21, 2009

nothing grows along it.

by: Anonymous

Good idea, I have trellis up along the fence for 5 or 6 years now.

I do believe it stops any criminal attempting to climb it. Not been able to get one single thing to climb along it tho!

May 14, 2009

Thorny home security tip.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Lorna,

Thank you, yours is a very useful security tip.

The trellis that you have does indeed break easily and makes a noise doing so. Burglars usually avoid climbing them like the plague. With the addition of a thorny rose you really have yourselves perimeter security there.

Thorny and prickly plants can be used in several places around your home to discourage intruders.

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your thorny home security tip with us Lorna and stay safe.

Martin (editor)

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