Home Security Tip : Chain Your MGB

Home Security Tip : Chain Your MGB

by Connie

Alright here is my home security tip.

If you use an MGB, that is one of those wheeled garbage bins then chain it up, a bicycle lock and chain works well.

No I’m not suggesting that anyone is going to steal your trash, (but you never know these days.)

But the thing is those things can be moved easily (cause they got wheels) so a thief can move them to climb on to maybe get at your upper floor windows.

So by chaining your MGB to something, a fence post maybe, away from your house then a thief can’t use it.

Also a thief could use the MGB bin to fill with stuff that he has stolen from your house and wheel it away. Chaining it up prevents that.

But – Warning. Don’t forget to unlock it on collection day, or you’ll be in trouble Lol.

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Oct 23, 2009

Be careful where you chain your bin.

by: T Q

That does happen. Locally a burglar filled a garbage bin with anything of value and wheeled it away.

Be careful where you chain it up. It’s easy to forget the purpose of chaining it and fix it to your house (downpipe.)

Feb 02, 2009

First class security tip.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Connie,

That is a first class security tip. Burglars will indeed make use of anything to assist them breaking in.

As for your trash getting stolen, well I’m afraid it does happen. Many of us toss away documents containing information that is useful to identity thieves. Always shred your documents.

Thank you very much for sharing your security tip.

Martin (editor)

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