High Security Door Locks. Protect your doors.

High Security Door Locks.

Make High Security Door Locks Part Of Your Home Security Plan.

Deadbolt Locks.

A popular type of home security door lock is the deadbolt and for good reason. Not all deadbolts are created equal however.

order for deadbolt locks to be high security locks, they need to
have a throw of at least an inch (25.40 mm) to hold up under the
pressure of a burglar trying to kick the door in.

The throw is the part of the bolt that extends in to the strike plate or strike box.

only does a longer throw make it more difficult to force a door open,
it also helps to prevent gaining entry by spreading out the frame.

A strike box, or a strike plate and box, will give you more security than a strike plate alone.

strike plate is a small metal plate that is screwed over the hole in
the door frame that the deadbolt throws into. A strike box fits inside
that hole giving greater strength.

Some strike boxes require a separate
plate to fix them in place, others are made with their own plate

You also need to be sure that the screws holding the
strike box in place are at least three inches long, often the screws
supplied are of inadequate length.

They need to be able to screw through
and into the wall frame not just the jamb of the door frame. This
makes it much harder for a burglar to force the door open.

high security locks have hardened steel anti-saw pins encased
within the deadbolt. Should a burglar attempt to saw through the
deadbolt these pins will spin with every stroke of the saw, thus making
sawing through extremely difficult.

Multi Point High Security Door Locks.

If enough pressure is applied to the top or bottom edge of a door with a
single lock in the edge center, the door will flex to a degree.

burglar kicking door
High security door locks help guard against kick in burglary.
 burglar kicking door
High security door locks help guard against kick in burglary.

This leverage provides extra strain upon the lock and with sufficient pressure even high security door locks could burst.

To overcome this potential security weakness multi-point locking systems were developed. As the name suggests these locks throw into the door frame at more than one point.

There are several designs and styles available, the most usual
having a deadbolt for the central lock and a hook bolt top and bottom.

This arrangement thwarts a burglar from gaining leverage by applying
force to the top or bottom of the door.

Multi-point locking is often found on PVC doors, but systems are available for use on wooden and steel doors.

Lock Bumping.

You need to be aware of this method of illegally entering homes. Many
locks sold nowadays have anti-bump features incorporated.

the locks on your external doors are key operated and do not have
anti-bump features, you may want to consider replacing them. – Lock Bumping.

Keyless Home Security Door Locks.

There are several different types of Keyless Door Locks
available including those with fingerprint recognition.

Many of these
locks are suitable for residential use, and offer many security
advantages such as the ability to set temporary codes and no worries
about keys being lost or copied.

Are all keyless door locks
high security locks?

The fact that a lock is keyless does not in itself
make it a high security lock. But many of these locks are deadbolt
locking and give an enhanced degree of protection.

vitally important, the quality and durability of your door locks is only one element in the
security of your home.

All the entry doors to your home should be fitted
with secure locks, including the service door through from your garage.
But those locks will be little protection if fitted to weak doors.

frames too need to be strong enough to withstand attack.

Fitting good quality security locks as part of your overall home security plan,
will give you the peace of mind that your home is better protected
against burglary than the average home.


High Security Door Locks

Timer Switch
a home protected by a timer switch, lights can turn on and off at
random. Is there somebody at home or not? Make the burglar unsure so he
is likely to move on.

The Security Of Your French Doors.
there is no doubt that French doors tick all the boxes for being
visually pleasing, in fact they may even help to increase the value of a
home. But keeping in mind that these doors are nearly all glass,
which is why you hear them called French windows, they do pose some
security problems.