Schlage Deadbolts : Made to Exacting Specifications.

Schlage Deadbolts : Exacting Specifications.

With Schlage deadbolts you get quality and security.

Choosing to install deadbolts on all your exterior doors is a sound home security measure.

there is not a type of lock that can be said to be completely burglar
proof, deadbolt locks give a far higher degree of protection than do
most other types of lock.

Schlage are an extremely good choice, they are a high quality lock with a well deserved reputation.

Of course, it is not only the front door to your home that needs the safeguard of a deadbolt lock, but every other External Door too, including any door connecting through into your home from the garage.

Deadbolt Locks Made to Exacting Specifications.

Since its foundation in the nineteen twenties, the Schlage Manufacturing
Company has been developing and manufacturing security locks for both
residential, and commercial use.

Their locks are constructed to the
company’s rigorous specifications and from first grade materials.

Schlage lock
schlage deadbolt

In 1909 Walter Reinhold Schlage patented his very first invention.

1920 he patented an innovative door lock of cylindrical design.

continued to make improvements to his invention and later that year
applied for a patent for a push button lock.

Today, the company that Walter Reinhold Schlage started continues to
develop and improve lock design, striving to produce a range of
mechanically robust and secure locks for a variety of needs.

Most Schlage residential deadbolt locks are manufactured to meet
American National Standards Institute Grade 2 requirements and are
covered by a lifetime mechanical warranty.

With Schlage protecting
your home and family, you can relax in the knowledge that they have
been designed to give a high degree of defense against assault by
levering, wrenching, hammering, sawing, picking, bumping, and kicking.