Fingerprint Door Locks : Biometric security for you.

Fingerprint Door Locks : Key-less Security

Fingerprint Door Locks Mean That You Will Never Lock Yourself Out Again.

Have you ever arrived home to find that you are missing your

Lost them? Left your keys in the bar? Left them at work?

No matter
why you haven’t got your keys, without them you are not going to get in
your door.

There you are on the threshold to your abode and you can’t get in.

Is there anything more frustrating? And missing keys mean a security risk, who will find them?

For security’s sake you had better get that lock changed.

With fingerprint door locks installed the above situation does not happen, you cannot lose your fingerprints.

With fingerprint security locks you will never find yourself
fumbling on your doorstep, just which pocket did you put those keys in?

Carrying a bulky package is no problem, you only need your finger to open the lock.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of fingerprint locks is that you can
effortlessly add and delete users that you need to allow temporary
access to your home.

fingerprint doorlock

There are times when you need to allow access to your home whilst you
are not there, the cleaning lady, builders, plumbers and so on.

you have a trusted neighbor who you leave a key with, it’s a great
thing to have neighbors that you can depend on but what if that key went

Who would end up with a copy?

A fingerprint door lock system means you can add access
authorization for your builder, when his job is all done you very simply
remove the authorization and the builder will not be able to
operate the lock again.

Your cleaning lady inherits a fortune and moves
to the Bahamas, just remove her access authorization and the only
problem you have is finding yourself a new cleaner.

No keys given out, means no keys go missing or get copied.

Authentication Technology.

Biometric authentication technology assesses and analyzes physical
characteristics for recognition purposes.

Applied to locks, the
authentication technology grants or rejects access. The physical
characteristics used can be retinas, irises, fingerprints, face patterns
and hand measurements.

For locks employed for home security, fingerprint recognition is by far the most practical.

Fingerprint recognition locks are fairly easy to set up.

Your fingerprint is
scanned and retained within the system.

Your fingerprint is scanned
again each time that you attempt entry and compared with the print on
record, if the prints match, within very tight tolerances, you gain

Likewise with others that you want to grant access to, just add their
prints to the system.

When you no longer wish them to have access simply
delete their print.

Fingerprint door locks are available that store 10,20,30 even 50
fingerprints at a time, which should be enough for even the largest of
families! Advanced systems record data and can let you know who has used
the lock, for both entry and exit, and at what time.

Installing fingerprint security locks is, in most
cases, a simple matter, usually the existing hole for the old lock will
suffice for the replacement lock.

Remember that it is the complete lock that provides the
security, not only the technology which provides the

A flimsy lock is of no use no matter how advanced the technology is.

Remember also that for external use the fingerprint lock
must be weatherproof and fitted to a good external quality solid-core

As well as protecting your main residence, fingerprint security
locks are ideal for any property that you share, such as a vacation
home. The absence of keys means more control over who has access, other
parties cannot easily allow use of the vacation home to their friends.

Fingerprint Door Locks. . .