Doors With Glass Panels – A Home Security Risk.

Exterior Doors With Glass Panels – A Security Risk.

by Martin Underwood

If your home has an exterior door
fitted with glass panels, or there are glass panels next to an exterior
door, you have a home security risk.

Glass panels in exterior
doors allow daylight into what may otherwise be a dark and gloomy
hallway but in terms of security these doors are not such a good choice.

It would be very easy for an intruder to smash the glass in such a door, then reach inside and open the latch lock.

A Deadbolt Lock that
requires opening with a key from the inside as well as from the
outside, known as a double cylinder deadbolt, would prevent a burglar
from opening the door.

The danger with a double cylinder
deadbolt is that your family may be prevented from making a quick escape
in a fire, or other emergency, if the key is not immediately

For this reason some local building codes do not permit the
use of double cylinder locks on external doors.

If a double cylinder lock is used while your home is occupied, the key
should be kept near the lock. Make certain that all members of your
family know how to use the lock and where the key is kept, and are able
to reach it easily.

home door with glass panel

When there is nobody at home, the key should be kept somewhere right
out of the possible reach of an intruder who has broken the glass.

it is not important for you to have windows in the door, you should
consider replacing the door with an external quality door without
glass panes.

Doors With Glass Panels – Improve The Security.

If the light from the door does make a difference to your
home, there are ways to improve the security of the door.

ordinary window glass with security laminated glass would make it very
difficult for the burglar to break through.

Laminated glass is two, or
more, layers of glass bonded together with a clear flexible resin, it
holds together even when shattered.

A burglar would have to
strike the glass with a hammer very many times before he had a hope of
making a hole large enough to reach into. He simply would not want to
risk spending that much time and making that much noise.

Window Security Film is
a good alternative to laminated glass, it is a clear, flexible, impact
resistant polyester sheeting that can be fixed to the inside of the
existing glass panes.

House door
House doors with glass panels allow light into hallways but are somewhat of a security risk.
house door

Like laminated glass, a burglar would have a very
tough time trying to break through it.

The film is usually sold by
the foot and is available in several widths and thickness. Some types
of window security film filter solar heat as well as protect against
intruders smashing the glass.

If you are a reasonably proficient
do-it-yourselfer you should be able to fit the film yourself. Care must
be taken with measurements and it is important that the correct adhesive
is used.

If you allow a professional to install your security film you
will likely get a longer guarantee against peeling and yellowing.

No matter which method you choose to eliminate the security problem
of an external door with glass panels, you have to take action. Don’t
ignore the risk, fix the problem.

Stupid Criminals.

Never underestimate the criminal mind. If you do you will likely be too
relaxed about the security of your home and family. Isn’t it best to
acknowledge that the average criminal is likely to be of at least
average intelligence and protect your home on that basis?