Security Screen Doors : For air and security.

Security Screen Doors.

Security screen doors allow you to open your home to air and refreshing
breezes while you are indoors.

The mesh design, whilst allowing in air,
keeps flying insects outside, keeps your cat, or dog, safely inside and
prevents neighbor’s pets from wandering in.

To be termed security doors the construction should be such as to prevent (as far as possible) an intruder gaining entry to your home.

there are some screen doors that are promoted as being secure but offer
little resistance to a determined intruder.

Yes, they will stop
someone from just walking in and give them some hindrance, but with a
little force, or some housebreaking skills, a criminal could be in your
home within seconds, perhaps with little or no noise.

To give security a screen door must be more than just a fly screen.

The very best security screen doors are only as good as the most
vulnerable part of them. A sturdy mesh is no protection if it is not
soundly fixed to the body of the door and the strongest of doors is a
feeble defense if fitted in a weak frame.

The best of hinges are no
security measure if fitted in with inadequate screws and needless to say, a
poor lock makes a security door almost pointless.

Hinge bolts will help to fortify your security screen door against
force and will prevent the door being pulled, or levered with a crowbar
from its hinges.

Hinge bolts are an essential measure if your door opens
outwards, as most security doors do.

Multi point deadbolt
locking, with bolts locking top, bottom and center will provide the
greatest intruder deterrent.

Remember though the need for escape in the
event of fire, any security measures that you fit may have to comply
with local fire code requirements and be designed for quick exit in an

An external quality door frame, free from rot or damage, and fixed
soundly to the brickwork with frame fixing bolts, enclosed in plastic
sleeves which will absorb a forceful attack, is of utmost importance in
screen door security. The door should close snugly in the frame.

screen door

woven mesh screen ideally should be welded to the body of the door with
a continuous weld, if spot welded then 25 cm max between spots.

riveted, again no more than 25 cm apart. 304 grade mesh is good, and
better still if it is corrosion proofed.

To prevent your screen
door from slamming shut, consider installing a pneumatic or hydraulic

If you have a wheelchair user in the house keep in mind that
installing a security door narrower than the main door may restrict
access. Also, moving furniture in and out can be a problem with
restricted access.

In Summary, Security Screen Doors . . .

  • Allow you to enjoy the air flowing through your home.
  • Keep bugs and other pests out.
  • Prevent your pets from escaping through the open door.
  • Prevent neighbors’ pets, and other animal life, from entering your home.
  • Enable you to clearly see who is calling.
  • Give you a good measure of security against intruders without bars or grills.


Security Screen Doors.

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