Electronic Gates : For security and convenience.

Electronic Gates : More Than Just Convenience.

Electronic Gates Can Play a Part in Your Home Security.

measure of security do gates give?

By themselves gates are unlikely to
keep a professional burglar from entering your property. But used in
conjunction with other home security measures, gates play their part in
keeping your home and family secure.

There would be no benefit in a protective wall or fence guarding your home without a secure gate across your driveway.

Gates are of no use if they are left open, and unfortunately they often are.

problem is that it is an inconvenience to stop your vehicle, get out
and close the gates and re-enter your vehicle before you drive away.

This is where electronic gates can play a part in your security.

electronic gates installed there is no need to climb in and out of your
vehicle. Stay in your car, no matter what the weather is doing, and
close your gates using the remote control.

No temptation to drive
away and leave your gates open. An open gate could look like an open
invitation to an opportunist burglar.

As well as deterring burglars from breaking in when you are out,
electric gates keep unexpected visitors off your property until you have
checked them out – using your home security camera system or the low tech method, looking out the window.

electronic gate
elecronic gate

Better to deal with door-to-door salespeople, canvassers or distraction burglars when they are at the far end of your drive rather than at your front door.

Most electronic driveway gates have motors with irreversible gears which make them difficult to force open.

with larger gates there is the risk that they can be flexed open, a
mechanism that locks automatically when the gate closes ends that risk.

Gates that close automatically help prevent children and pets from straying off your property.

Types of Electronic Gates.

Swinging electric gates can be installed at the end of most
driveways. The gates can swing open inwards or outwards.

You need to
take into account the sweep of the gates if you need to park up close to

A sliding electronic gate, usually a
single gate rather than a pair, slides to the side along a track.

Sliding gates are useful where there is insufficient space for swinging
gates to operate, and may be your only option if your driveway is on a
slope, however there has to be space at the side for the gate to slide

Automatic electric gates can be manufactured in a variety of metals or
from wood. However with solid wooden gates wind resistance can cause

Additionally solid gates may not be ideal because, although
they give you a measure of privacy, neighbors and passers by cannot see
any intruders on your property.

Residential electric gates need
not look foreboding or prison like. They are available in a wide
variety of decorative styles, many incorporating decorative wrought iron
scroll work.

There are safety requirements in force, in most places in the world,
concerning the use of automatically operating gates.

You need to check
the regulations for where you live but in most cases electric gates must
have devices installed that will prevent them from closing on a person.

Can You Convert Your Existing Gates?

If you are happy with your manually operated gates (but would prefer
the convenience and security of automatic gates,) then it is very
possible they can be converted with an electric gate opener kit.

be suitable for conversion your gates need to be well constructed, in
good condition and able to open freely without scraping the ground.
The gateposts also need to be substantial and in suitable condition.

You will find your electronic gates to be an asset, both for the
increased security they give your home and the convenience they give you
and your family.

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