(GE) SmartHome Door Stop Alarm – portable door alarm.

(GE) SmartHome Door Stop Alarm.

SmartHome Door Stop Alarm – does the job and does it well.

If you are a frequent traveler, or even if you only occasionally
spend the night at a hotel, motel or guest house, then you could sleep
easier with the SmartHome door wedge alarm guarding your door.

If it worries you that an intruder may slip into your hotel room
while you doze even though you have locked the door, (hotels have more
than one set of keys
,) then this clever little device will ease your

Place the wedge alarm close up under the door, if an intruder tries to push the door open . . .

  • The wedge shape of the SmartHome door stop alarm stops the door from moving.
  • The alarm activates and wakes you.
  • The alarm draws attention.

There are other portable door alarms available but the (GE)
SmartHome door alarm offers a lot to make it worthy of your

door stop alarm