Keyless Door Locks : Security and Convenience.

Keyless Door Locks: Security And Convenience.

Keyless door locks, aren’t they something that you only find at commercial buildings?

No, increasingly homeowners too are benefiting from the many advantages of keyless locks.

Keys have been around as long as locks have.

They work well
enough, you insert the key in the lock and turn and, all being well, the
lock will either lock or unlock.

One problem with keys is they do tend to get lost and that can mean a
big headache.

It can mean calling out a locksmith, and locksmiths do
not work cheap.

You need the locksmith not only to work his magic and
get you into your home, but you also need him to replace the lock.

You do not want to keep the same lock when there is a lost key out there someplace.

Another problem with keys is that they get duplicated. Lend a key
to someone when you cannot be there when they are due to install your
new dishwasher, or lay a carpet, and you are taking a chance.

You have to have a lot of faith in someone to trust them with your key, it’s like trusting them with your wallet.

It can sometimes be a bit of a task to open a lock with a key.

Arrive home loaded up with packages and you perhaps have to fumble in
your pocket or purse for the key and then get it into the lock, not a
pleasant experience if it is raining, hailing or blowing up a storm.

And then of course there are the times when you find yourself in front of your door after a night of celebration.

You try to make as little noise as possible, but do you think that you can quietly get that key to go into that lock?

Of course you can’t.

The more you try, the more you fumble the more you fumble the more noise you make.

With keyless door locks all you need to do is punch in a number,
or simply insert your finger, or with a remote keyless lock you can open
up the door as you walk up your drive.

With Keyless Door Locks You Don’t Worry.

If you need to allow temporary access to a craftsman, for
example, residential keyless locks allow you to give him an access code.
When the job is done you simply change the code.

With most keyless entry systems you could give that craftsman his own unique code
and with some systems even set a time-frame in which that code is good.
No worries about getting the key back or fears that it has been copied.

So could a burglar figure out the access codes to your key-free door locks? Well
nothing is impossible but avoiding obvious codes, such as birth dates,
is a good thing.

Many keyless entry locks will shut down after three
unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct code and some will even sound
a warning siren.

All-Weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock.

If you want to go hi-tech then Fingerprint Door Locks could be just the thing for you. No codes,
just your fingerprint. As all fingerprints are unique a burglar isn’t
going to have a copy!

Many of the keypads for these entry systems glow in the dark,
which is convenient when you come home late whether you’ve been
celebrating or not.

You can open your front door as you get out of your car with a
remote entry system. That feature can be more than just a handy dandy
gadget if ever you need to get inside your home in a hurry.

Some keyless door locks are entirely mechanical, most however,
need batteries (usually standard “AA”,) so there is no wiring up of the
system required.

Most too will fit easily into the same hole as the old
key type lock that you are replacing. Some of the more complex systems
do need an external power supply to operate though.

The Big Question Is Are Residential Keyless Locks Secure?

The answer is that they are as secure as any like-for-like lock. A
deadbolt lock is still a deadbolt lock and a latch type lock is just
that whether keyless or not. Choose your locks wisely.

Also, for security it makes no sense to fit a keyless entry
system to a flimsy door, make sure that your external doors and frames
are up to the job.

No longer just for businesses, keyless door locks are now
providing homeowners with security and all the convenience that these
systems offer.


Keyless Door Locks.

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