Combination Door Locks – No keys to lose.

Combination Door Locks Protecting Your Home

Combination Door Locks – No More Losing or Fumbling for Your Keys.

you have ever lost your house key you know what an infuriating
experience it is.

First you have to solve the problem of getting in to
your home. Not too bad if you have left a spare key in the charge of a
trusted neighbor, (never hide a key anywhere, a burglar will find it.)

Perhaps you left a window open somewhere, if you can get in that way so can a burglar.

Usually though your only option is to call out an emergency locksmith, and that can be quite an expense.

But think of this, gaining entrance to your home is not the only problem you have when you lose your key.

bigger problem is . . .

. . . who will find that lost key? Sure, you have
the common sense not to have an address tag on your keys, but where was
it you lost them?

If you lost them someplace where folks know you,
some less than honest person could establish the keys are yours, and
then he has the means to enter your home, uninvited.

If you had a
door lock that does not need a key to operate it you would have no
worries about losing your key. Combination door locks are one type of Keyless Lock.

You may be dubious about the word combination in regard to locks.

may have heard about, or read about, the combination locks that are
used to chain up bicycles being easy to open without knowing the correct
sequence of numbers.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

The lower priced models of these bicycle locks did suffer from poor
manufacturing tolerances but most manufacturers have now improved their

Combination door locks are a different product altogether

The door locks do not require the turning of rings to
enter the combination, you enter the code at a keypad, the locks are of
mechanical or electronic operation.

Naturally, combination locks
are available in a variety of types and standards.

If you are choosing a
combination lock for the door to your home you will need to make your
choice wisely, just as with a conventional door lock. For the highest
security fit a deadbolt combination lock.

Easily Reset The Code.

Choose a lock that enables you to easily reset the code.

With some
combination door locks you can set several different codes to be active
at the same time.

If you need to allow someone to enter your home when
you are not there, a cleaner or contractor for example, simply give them
a code and deactivate it when they no longer need access. A lot safer
than lending them a key, keys can be copied.

Lock sets are available with a digital keypad both sides or one side
only. If the combination door lock is for your home you will likely
choose one side only.

A bonus with any keyless lock is that you
do not have to fumble for the key, all you do is punch in your code.

This is a welcome advantage when you arrive home with an arm full of

set of keys
set of keys

So where did you lose your keys? You now have the problem of getting into your own home.

True that you need one finger free to enter the
combination, but that is a lot better than trying to separate the right
key and get it in the lock.

Do take care that there is no one behind you when you enter your code.

Should you suspect that someone has discovered the combination, then change the code right away.

In summary. . .

  • No keys to lose.
  • Simply enter a code.
  • Give a temporary code to contractors.
  • Easily re-set codes if you need to.
  • Locks available with a keypad both sides or one side only.


Combination Door Locks

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