Door Guard. : Extra security for your entry door.

Door Guard.

Would A Door Guard Help You To Feel A Little More Secure?

you feel that you need something that would prevent someone from
busting open the door, or the lock on the door to your house, apartment
or room, then there are products available that can do just that.

Let’s be clear. These devices are not home security devices in the
normal sense because you need to be inside your home to set them in

They cannot defend your home in any way when there is no one at

But if you and your family would feel more secure with
something extra guarding your door, these devices may be just what you

A very popular and effective type of door guard can be described as a door brace.

adjustable tubular steel struts are placed tightly between the door
knob/handle and the floor.

Then if someone on the outside tries to push,
shove or kick open the door all the force goes down to the floor making
breaking in very difficult indeed.

A door brace is also effective if a would be intruder successfully picks the lock, Bumps the lock or has a copy of the key.

The door brace would still hold the door shut.

burglar's face
burglar's face

Naturally the door has to be in at least a reasonable condition. If
it is falling off its hinges then a brace or guard is not likely to stop
a burglar breaking in.

Good Quality Locks
are always advisable too. But maybe you are renting your home and the
owner is taking the long road to making your entry door secure.

Or you
are not able to fix up the door yourself and are waiting on a

Whatever reason you feel you need extra security for your
entry door, a door brace can give it to you.

These telescopic door
guards can easily be converted for protecting a sliding patio door.

Another plus is that when the device is fully closed it is small enough
to put in a travel bag. Take the worry out of someone trying to get
into your hotel or motel room. Dual-Function Door Security Bar

If you need your door guard to give you even more security then there is a model available that has a built in alarm. . . Guard Dog Portable Alarm This one lets out a scream to let you know someone is attempting to get into your room and also keeps them out.

door brace or guard is a simple idea that adds a little extra security
to your entry door. Here’s another idea that does the same, an old idea
brought up to date – Door Stop Alarm.


Door Guard.

Barking Dog Alarm.

No doubt you have seen the advertisements for alarms that bark like a
dog when a burglar approaches your home. Are these home security devices
the answer, are they effective? Should you depend on a barking alarm
for the security of your home and family?