Door Viewer : View who is at your door.

A Door Viewer – Your Peephole to Door Security.

Knock Knock, Use a Door Viewer to See Who is at Your Door.

Sometimes it may seem good to have an unexpected caller at your door.

Perhaps you have been alone at home all day and a caller may provide a welcome

Other times unexpected callers can be a downright inconvenience.

Unfortunately all to often, unexpected and unwanted callers can be . . .

far worse than merely inconvenient.

Do you open your door to find out who is calling on you?

– Or –

Do you find out who is calling on you before opening your door?

The second course of action can help to prevent you becoming a victim of Home Invasion, Distraction Burglary or other crimes.

Of course, the caller may be someone other than a criminal, but
still be someone you would rather not open your door to.

Sales people,
canvassers, researchers and religious fanatics are all people that on occasions we would
rather not deal with, so too can an over talkative neighbor.

A door viewer is a device that enables you to check who is at
your door. Do you recognize the person? If not, you may not want to
open the entrance to your home without first making some checks.

If the person at your door is standing so close to the that you do
not have a clear view of them, or you cannot tell if there is anyone
behind or beside them, ask them to take a step back.

A wide angle doorscope viewer will allow you to see more of your entry porch or more of the area outside your door.

Good lighting around the outside of your door is important. If
you have a caller at night your viewer will be of little use if there is
so little light that you can’t make out who is there.

There are door viewers available that enable you to see who is at
the door without you having to be close up to the door.

The advantage
being that standing back from the door you are less likely to alert the
caller that you are at home. Useful if you should decide not to open
your door. The Brinno PHV132512 PeepHole Viewer is one such viewer.

Would you be embarrassed using a peephole viewer? Well don’t be. It is plain common sense to check before opening.

You may think that visitors will think that you are being over
cautious in checking them out but that is their problem. If they have
nothing to hide they will understand your precautions.


Door Viewer

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