Home Security Checklist : Check your home’s security.

Your Home Security Checklist.

This home security checklist will give you a good starting point for
discovering the areas in which your home security needs attention.

Although it is probably not possible to make your home completely
impenetrable, if you attend to all the items on this security list your
home will be far less likely to be burgled.

Most burglars will not even attempt to break in to a home that has good home security measures in place.

They will sooner find a target that does not offer much resistance, that way they do not put themselves at as much risk.

stop with the items in the home security checklist below. Regularly
look around your property with an eye to improving your security.

  • Are all exterior doors locked every time that you leave your home even when leaving for a moment or two? Does every member of the family follow this rule?
  • Are quality deadbolt locks correctly fitted to all exterior doors? Do these locks comply with fire regulations? Are these locks secure against ‘bumping’?
home interior

Regularly check around your home to find areas where security needs improvement.

  • If any of your exterior doors have glass panels, or there are sidelights by the door, have you taken measures to reinforce the glass?
  • Are all windows locked, including windows that are above ground level, even if open a few inches to allow ventilation?
  • Does every member of your family know not to hide spare keys anywhere outside your home?
  • Are you a member of, and do you actively participate in, your local neighborhood or block watch?
  • If you have a home burglar alarm is it used every time your home is left empty? Do all members of your family know how to operate it? Is it serviced regularly?
  • Have you and your family sat down together and discussed what you need to do in the event of a home invasion or other emergency? Do you have a family security plan?
  • Is your sliding glass patio door in good condition? Are the locks capable of keeping out the burglar? Is it impossible to lift the door out of its tracks?
  • Does your home have effective outside security lighting, with no dark places around your home in which the burglar can hide and work?
  • Are all bushes and shrubs around your home trimmed to give a clear view of any intruder? Have you planned your garden to be without any place that an intruder could hide?
  • Have you planted thorny bushes near your windows to deter intruders?
  • Does your home have a lighted house number that can be read from a distance even in the dark?
  • Does every member of your family positively identify callers to your door, by using a
    door viewer or other means, and refuse to open the door if they are unsure about the caller?

Home Security Checklist. – When you are away from your home.

When you are leaving your home vacant even just for a day or two . . .

  • Do you ask a trusted neighbor to keep a watch on your home?
  • Do you cancel newspaper and other deliveries and put your mail on hold?
  • Do you ask a trusted neighbor to pick up any leaflets?
  • Do you ask a trusted neighbor to put out your trash on collection day?
  • Do you mow your lawn and tend to your yard before you leave, and ask a trusted neighbor to maintain your yard while you are away?
  • Do you set timers to turn lights and your radio on at appropriate times?

Home Security Checklist. – Your Garage.

  • Do you always lock your garage whether you are at home or not and whether your vehicle is in your garage or not?
  • Is your garage door in good condition, capable of withstanding attack and fitted with a good quality lock?
  • If you use an automatic garage door opener does it employ rolling code technology ( a new code is generated with each use)?
  • If you have a door through from your garage into your home is that door of exterior quality and fitted with a secure lock? Is that door always kept locked?

Remember, the above list is not exhaustive. Frequently take the time to check around your home to find areas that need improvement in security. Harden up your home against the burglar.


Home Security Checklist.

High Security Safes
Many modern high security safes are fitted with tempered glass
re-lockers, should an attack be made by drilling or cutting with a
torch, the bolts are slammed home.