High Security Safes : Protection For Your Valuables

High Security Safes : Better Protection For Your Valuables.

What Are High Security Safes?

safes should give some degree of protection to the items stored in

However, some ‘safes’ are little more than lock boxes and offer little
resistance to forced entry.

Others are designed and manufactured to defeat, or hinder, the more common attempts to forcibly gain access to the contents.

Then there are safes with a high degree of security.

safe can be truly described as burglar proof of course, whatever
security features are built in, there will be some crook who will have
the knowledge and skills to defeat them, or who will take the trouble to
learn how.

Safes that can be described as high security are more
solidly constructed than the average safe.

These safes have better
locking systems, drill resistant lock plates, thicker doors and usually
some form of re-locking device.

What Is a Re-Locker?

A re-locker is an additional security measure that is automatically
activated should there be an attempt to break into your safe. There are
several different types of re-locking devices, all operate independently
of the lock.

When activated the system shoots extra locking bolts from
the door into the frame of the safe, this prevents the door from being
opened even if the primary lock is defeated.

Many modern high
security safes are fitted with tempered glass re-lockers, should an
attack be made by drilling or cutting with a torch, the bolts are
slammed home.

Once the re-locker has been activated, by an
attempt to crack the safe, you will need the services of a locksmith to
open up, and possibly repair your safe. But in most cases the burglar
will have failed to get to your valuable items.

Who Needs High Security Safes?

Banks are not perceived to be as safe as they used to be.

certainly have had bad press lately, but if you have large amounts of
cash it is still better to keep it in the bank than it is to keep it at

SentrySafe Fire-Safe 1.2-Cubic Foot Combination.

This holds true even for those of us with home security safes.

the other hand, some of us need amounts of cash on hand for one reason
or another.

You may have several items of jewelry, or collections of
other valuable items that you do not wish to keep at the bank.

You will
rest easier knowing they are safely deposited in your highly secure home

Burglary And Other Dangers.

You may need to protect your items from more than just burglary. You
may also be concerned about protecting documents, for example, against
being destroyed by fire.

Many home security safes are also Fire Resistant. You
should however, be aware that some safes that have a good rating for
fire resistance do not also give adequate protection against theft.

may also be important for you to safeguard your valuable items from
water, moisture and dust and security safes are available that are
designed to give such protection.

High Security Safes – Locking Systems, Dimensions and Weight.

Several locking systems are offered, from conventional dial
combinations, electronic digital combination, lock and key, fingerprint
recognition to safes that incorporate more than one locking system.

will of course need your security safe to be of a size that suits your

Remember that the internal dimensions will be quite a bit smaller
than the external dimensions due to the thickness of the insulation.

It is a good plan to buy a safe with internal dimensions that are 20%
larger than the largest item you wish to protect. This will give you
additional room for any larger valuables you may acquire after you
obtain your safe.

high security safe
high security safe

Give thought to the external dimensions too. Will the safe fit through
any narrow doorways, will it fit where you intend to install it?

about the weight of the safe will your flooring support it? Do you
intend to have the safe bolted down? Does the safe come with pre-drilled
bolt holes?

High security safes are generally floor standing
cabinet style, good security wall safes are available but remember that
wall safes are not usually very deep, which limits what you are able to
store in them.

A cabinet style safe, high security or not, should
be securely bolted to the floor. Although these types of safe tend to
be very heavy it is possible for thieves to make off with the safe
rather than try and ‘crack’ it in your home.

As stated above, no
safe can be described as burglar proof.

What a safe does is put another
barrier between your valuables and the burglar.
Most burglaries are
committed by opportunist burglars who do not possess any safe-cracking

However if you own valuable items that are likely to
attract the attention of professional criminals, then a high security
safe will mean the burglar will need time to attempt to defeat it.

Burglars do not like spending time, the more time they spend committing a
burglary the more chance they have of being caught.

High security safes frequently give criminals too much of a time challenge.


High Security Safes.

Biometric Identification Safe.
a biometric safe the most usual method of unique identification by far
is by fingerprint recognition, it is not only highly reliable but also
practical and convenient, especially for home use.